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Consumer watchdog has announced the official and simultaneous launch of two major web-based products that will give consumers a powerful tool to let companies know when they are succeeding and when they are failing those they serve.

Joining, the flagship website where consumers can create petitions about their bad service experiences and use the force of their social media networks to receive compensation, we've created:

The Groubal Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI), - is an incredible barometer of customer satisfaction and in many cases Dissatisfaction that dynamically updates 24/7/365, based upon what the masses have to say about the world's most popular brand names. Hourly we pull in data from social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter, run it through our powerful sentiment analysis filter and highlight the companies who are doing the worst job at satisfying their customers. View the worst ten companies on the home page, or search for a particular brand from a list of hundreds to see how it has ranked over the past week. The Groubalution Facebook Game - - allows players to bet on which companies will fail consumers the most during the game play period. Using the data from the GCSI website, stocks rise and fall depending on how companies are rating on our customer satisfaction index. If players bet right, they'll gain status on the Leaderboard and win more groubal bucks to play with. They can also join Brigades where they are encouraged to network with other players and share their own stories of consumer dissatisfaction. Our mission is to connect customers to others with similar grievances and provide a gateway for the titans of industry to pay serious attention to what the consumer has to say.

"Social media matters, consumers matter and the GCSI delivers the Measure that Matters," said Groubal Founder Robert Doner of Scottsdale Arizona. "At the core of the GCSI engine is an ingeniously intricate algorithm that assigns value (positive, negative and neutral) to word strings. The system analyzes thousands of pieces of data an hour and uses it to assign a score to each company, which ranks them within our customer satisfaction index. Our goal is not only to reveal if consumers are mad or glad, but most importantly to accurately measure the power of their sentiment." Our mission with these two new products is to give disenfranchised consumers powerful new tools to have their voices heard, while also providing companies with mechanisms to measure whether or not they are meeting the needs of the people who make their wealth possible: their customers.

For more information visit or call 480/540-2720.
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Date:Dec 1, 2010

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