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Virtela, Denver the secure network solutions company, has announced its Accelerated WAN Service, the industry's first consultative approach toward managed WAN acceleration and optimization services capable of spanning multi-carrier environments on a global scale. Virtela's Accelerated WAN Service is a comprehensive managed suite of services that overcomes distance limitations by improving application and protocol performance over the WAN by a factor of two to three times on average, or as much as a factor of 30 times, depending on the application.

As a result, employees in remote offices can now experience the same application performance as their colleagues at headquarters. In addition, Virtela's Accelerated WAN Service enables enterprises and multinationals to maximize their current bandwidth costs (or avoid new costs) and move their operations and applications anywhere in the world without incurring the potential performance penalties typically associated with 'chatty' applications and large files traversing long distances across the WAN.

"High latency can slow applications to a crawl, and sending large files over the WAN can take far too long," said Bill Dodds, Virtela's vice president of sales and marketing. "Problems like these can have a significant impact on applications' usability and on overall productivity. Our Accelerated WAN Service greatly improves the user experience, making it seem as if remote applications are loading from the local site and slashing file transfer time."

Companies implementing Virtela's Accelerated WAN Service can maximize the use of their existing resources, avoid adding infrastructure, improve bandwidth performance, and maximize productivity in a global environment. Large national and multinational companies, or companies that outsource work such as software and product design overseas, can use the service to improve WAN performance in a variety of situations. For example, Virtela's new service reduces the impact of latency on global and remote locations, where users may complain of slow application performance due to latencies of 200ms or more. The Accelerated WAN Service also reduces transmission times for organizations with users who regularly send large files over the network to remote sites-files such as email attachments, file transfers, and CAD diagrams that are 5MB or higher. Lower latency and faster file transfers translate into improved employee productivity and also free up the WAN for other tasks. With the same high level of performance throughout the WAN, companies have the flexibility to move their operations and applications anywhere.

"WAN optimization is about improving the performance of business applications over WAN connections. Most networks carry a variety of types of traffic, of differing characteristics and importance. Many organizations are striving to manage this traffic to optimize the response times of critical applications and reduce costs, given that bandwidth continues to represent a significant proportion of operating expenditure of wide-area data networks," noted the report "Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers, 2006" from Gartner, Inc. The report also notes that WAN optimization can make more efficient and effective use of wide-area connections, thus maximizing the investment in WAN bandwidth and offering greater scalability and fault tolerance.

The Many Benefits of Improved WAN Service

Customers can use Virtela's Accelerated WAN Service not only to improve WAN service on an existing network but also to avoid WAN bandwidth upgrades they would otherwise need to deploy a new application, to increase the number of users, or simply to avoid running out of bandwidth. The benefits of an optimized WAN are many:

-- Companies can more quickly and efficiently back up data across the WAN.

-- The impact of 'chatty' protocols that consume a great deal of bandwidth, such as CIFS, can now be minimized.

-- Enterprises can continue server consolidation into data centers without

the fear of adversely affecting application performance for remote users.

-- Improved WAN performance can eliminate bottlenecks caused by servers.

Service Flexibility for Accelerated WAN Performance

Virtela offers a number of options to organizations interested in implementing its Accelerated WAN Service. Customers can purchase a WAN acceleration device by itself, or Virtela can bundle the device with existing access services such as last-mile connectivity. Customers can also choose to use Virtela Collocation Services to place a device in a geographic location which will allow a customer with multiple sites to benefit from a single WAN acceleration device. Virtela supports a variety of optimization technologies from the industry's leading suppliers. This service is available in 190 countries, and includes procurement, export, deployment, break/fix and management.

About Virtela

Virtela Communications Inc. delivers award-winning network and security solutions to many of the world's largest and fastest-growing multinational companies. Currently serving customers across six continents, Virtela's network reach spans more than 190 countries. Virtela's unique Global Service Fabric(SM) offers the foundation for delivering critical applications via the company's acclaimed service methodology, with a services suite that includes IP-based virtual private networks (VPNs), security services, Voice over IP, Video over IP, and network consulting services.

Virtela is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with a second Network Operations Center in Mumbai, India. Virtela is a member of Juniper Networks' (NASDAQ:JNPR) Managed Network Solutions Preferred Alliance Program.

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