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Byline: Serena Markstrom The Register-Guard

Start spreading the news. Frank Slug-snotra is the 2005 Slug Queen. She said she wanted to be a part of it ("Eu-geeeeene! Slug Queeeen!"), and now she is.

"I am thrilled and honored," Slug-snotra said Friday night after the competition, produced by the Society for Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod, at the Saturday Market stage downtown.

Wearing a tidy suit, Slug-snotra brought her own brand of glamour, veering away from past slug queens who traditionally have favored tiaras and taffeta, sequins and sparkles, bows, bells, big dresses and wigs.

She had the wig, but the rest reflected the masculine stylings of Mr. Frank Sinatra.

During the talent portion of the annual pageant - a beloved tradition of the Eugene Celebration but not officially affiliated with the event - Slug-snotra sang two Sinatra tunes with lyrics tailored for the crowd of more than 200.

"I want to wake up in the city that never dries/ To find I'm top of the butte/ A queen with a surprise," she belted out to the tune of "New York, New York."

Three other royal hopefuls entered the contest, which was hosted by former Queen Bananita Sluginsky, also known as Sarah Ulerick, and Caitriona Bolster, who made several references to Eugene being the best city in the world for the arts and outdoors.

In keeping with that theme, guest celebrity judges were nature writer Bill Sullivan and Steve LaRiccia, founder of La Salon des Refuse. To acknowledge the Red Cross' work in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Daniel Judd, director of disaster services for the agency, was also a judge.

Past slug queens, including 2004 Queen Scarlett O'Slimera, had a say, too, about who would be the next queen, who presents parade winners with prizes during the Eugene Celebration, among other duties.

The two second runners-up were Reverend YYY, who dressed in a tribal outfit with a "legalize marijuana" message, and Slug Bougainvillea, who was a New Orleans hurricane evacuee wearing the traditional colors of Mardi Gras: green, purple and gold.

The first runner-up, who will take over for Slug-snotra in the event she cannot fulfill her duties as slug queen, was Perma Culturia, who wore a flowing gown of sea foam green and a plant on her head.

Ulerick said judge bribing was particularly weak this year and that they'd have to hold a workshop on the topic during next weekend's Eugene Celebration.

Culturia attempted to bribe the audience by passing out dark, slimy, worm-looking edibles on leaves, but many people made faces when they tasted the snack and didn't eat the rest.

Slug-snotra, whose real name is Shandi Sinnamon, didn't engage in any obvious bribing, despite her likeness's status as the Mafia's favorite crooner. She needed only her Ol' Blue Eyes charm, a makeup mustache and some clever lyrics. Her singing voice didn't hurt, either. Sinnamon played Patsy Cline in Willamette Repertory Theatre's recent version of "Always" and has a role in its upcoming musical, "Chaps."

She said she wants to use her position of Slug Queen to get more men to volunteer to help abused children in programs such as Committed Partners for Youth.

Also, the program hosts encouraged everyone to donate cash and items such as backpacks and clean socks to New Roads, a day shelter for homeless and runaway youth. During the coronation ceremony, attendees donated more than $280, which benefited the Looking Glass program.

Departing Queen Slimera, joined by daughter Dawn Cypress, sang a song called "Slime's Up" and later, when it was time to crown her successor, declared in her Southern drawl: "Once a queen, always a queen!"


Frank Slug-snotra is crowned Eugene Celebration's 2005 Slug Queen. Kevin Clark / The Register-Guard Perma Culturia, aka Sophia Ross, with shrub firmly planted on head, was named first runner-up in the annual Slug Queen contest Friday night.
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Title Annotation:Festivals; Frank Slug-snotra clobbered the competition by hailing "the city that never dries"
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Sep 24, 2005
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