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 INDIANAPOLIS, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- An innovative industrial recycling technology with significant environmental and economic benefits was introduced to the world in Indianapolis today, as government and industry leaders dedicated the world's first electric infrared foundry sand reclaimer at the Navistar International Transportation Corp. foundry.
 The SandSaver 2001 project is a collaborative effort of the electric utility industry and Navistar to develop a prototype technology that could be used to recycle the more than seven million tons of sand currently sent to landfills each year by the 3,300 foundries in the U.S. The technology offers a solution to this industry's growing dilemma: rapidly escalating costs to purchase, transport and dispose of sand on one hand, and legislative mandates to reduce their solid waste stream, of which sand typically makes up 80 percent.
 Foundries use sand to create molds for metal castings, by combining the sand with various binders, including clay, chemicals and organic materials. During the casting process, some of the binder materials are destroyed, and the rest must be removed in order for the "spent" sand to be reused. The SandSaver 2001 system uses infrared heat -- at up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit -- to burn off the remaining binder materials and dry the clay. This system is the first technology available that can effectively recycle all types of sand/binder combinations currently used in foundries.
 The economic and environmental benefits of sand reclamation at Navistar alone are substantial. When the system is fully implemented, recycling 300 tons of sand per day will result in:
 1. saving over 1.4 million cubic feet of landfill space each year;
 2. decreasing overall annual CO2 emissions by 15,600 tons (the equivalent emissions of 3,020 cars);
 3. an annual reduction in energy use equivalent to 38,500 barrels of oil;
 4. savings for Navistar of about $3 million/year, because costs for buying and disposing of sand will be substantially reduced.
 "The projected annual savings from a full-scale reclaimer installation would make a significant impact on our product cost, helping make us more competitive with overseas producers," said Larry Strickler, vice president and plant manager for Indianapolis Casting Corporation, the subsidiary of Navistar that operates the Indianapolis foundry.
 The SandSaver 2001 project is a collaboration between Navistar, Indianapolis Power & Light Company, The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), The EPRI Center for Materials Production (CMP) and BGK Finishing Systems.
 -0- 4/13/93
 /CONTACT: Mike Weist of Caldwell VanRiper Public Relations, 317-632-6501, for SandSaver 2001, or Bob Golobish of Indianapolis Power & Light Co., 317-261-8974/

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Date:Apr 13, 1993

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