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 FARMINGDALE, N.Y., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The importers of Riunite are so encouraged by the results of an eight-market test of their new television and radio spots for the wine they plan to expand the campaign to four other key areas during the fall holiday seasons.
 Jeanne Toro, Riunite brand manager for VB Imports of Farmingdale, N.Y., said the results of a recent three-month test showed the brand registering significant sales gains in the eight metropolitan areas where the commercials ran, bucking an overall downward trend in the imported wine category. All Riunite types, both classic wines and fruit beverage products, benefited, she noted, adding: "The campaign also clearly demonstrated the way to go in creating future commercials." (The eight test markets were: Harrisburg, Des Moines, Tampa, Norfolk, Syracuse, Little Rock, Scranton and Grand Rapids.)
 Ms. Toro explained that two television commercials differing in style and content were created for the test by Greenstone/Roberts, a Long Island-based advertising agency. One, aimed at a younger audience, ages 21 to 34, was a 30-second spot featuring a jingle, "What goes with Riunite?" Visuals answered the questions. They showed young people in romantic situations or engaged in sports. A voice-over message ended the spot with the jingle highly popularized by the wine two decades ago, "Riunite on ice ... that's nice." (In most markets, a related 60-second radio spot supplemented this commercial.)
 The other TV commercial, themed "Falling In Love," ran 15 seconds and was targeted at older consumers, 35 to 49. Having had less impact, it won't be a part of the campaign's second flight.
 According to Ms. Toro, the 30-second spot was far more effective. A tracking study gave it high marks for achieving four major marketing objectives:
 -- Recall. Viewers remembered the spot in great numbers.
 -- Persuasion. Viewers expressed the intention to buy Riunite soon.
 -- Communication. Viewers concluded the wine was suitable for all occasions, that it has a great taste, that it is a fun wine and that it is ideal in romantic situations.
 -- Diagnostics. Viewers liked the commercial for its jingle and color and associated the product with having fun and good music.
 "While such evaluations are encouraging," Ms. Toro continued, "it's the bottom line -- sales -- that are most encouraging." She reported that, compared to 1992 figures, the average increase in sales for the eight test markets was 10 percent.
 Beginning Oct. 24 and continuing through Dec. 24, the "Anything Goes" TV and radio commercials will be repeated in five of the test markets (Des Moines, Tampa, Norfolk, Syracuse and Scranton); Little Rock, which previously had been exposed only to the radio spot will receive the TV message as well. On Nov. 1, the schedule will be expanded. TV and radio commercials, including holiday-themed radio spots for Thanksgiving and Christmas, are to air in Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati, while Hartford and New Haven, Conn., and Springfield, Mass., will hear the radio commercials only.
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Date:Oct 5, 1993

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