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 BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Responsive Software introduced a new, elegantly simple Windows time-tracking software package for professionals who bill their time, or anybody who needs a record of the time and duration of their tasks. It's easier to use than first-generation DOS products, and offers many more features, including a superb set of reporting skills. Responsive Time Logger(TM) is available for $139 (all prices suggested U.S. resale at participating resellers; inquires invited). A competitive upgrade promotion through March 31, 1994, offers a special $49 price to users of competing DOS timekeeper software.
 "We created Time Logger specifically because of my frustration with the DOS products," said Responsive President Alan Macy. "I wanted a less complicated way -- something about as simple as a stopwatch -- to start and stop timekeeping on a task. I wanted to run under Windows. Their reports were limited and I wanted to fix that. I wanted presentable, customizable reports, ready to send, because the sooner you send the bill the quicker you get paid. And we all had some ideas for bells and whistles to make it more useful and, yeah, a little more fun. In the end, we all got so enthusiastic about these ideas, we decided that Time Logger should include them all."
 It only takes an instant to begin timing a task, but in that instant, users can note a wealth of useful information, including the client, the project, the subproject, the activity, a description and the hourly rate. Scrollable pick-lists in Time Logger are quicker and less distracting than the text entries of earlier products. Pauses, too, are intelligent, with three user options: record the details of the pause, add the pause duration to the start time or subtract it from the end time.
 Time Logger even offers a selection of useful information when it shrinks down to an icon. For professionals who set a daily goal of some number of billable hours, the icon can show what time it will be when they make that goal, assuming all time between now and then is billable. The software calls that "Goal Completion Time"; its developers call it "Miller Time." The icon can also display the number of billable hours accounted for so far today, or the time of day, or (for privacy) an information-free graphic icon. It also displays all this information in its system menu.
 The many reports and reporting options available with Time Logger are unprecedented in this category. It can sort information by client, person, start time, activity, project, subproject or hourly rate, in ascending or descending order -- and it can provide this sorting flexibility to four levels of "nesting." It can report durations in 2- or 3-place decimal hours, or as hours and minutes. Users can construct any number of report formats, and each can involve any of the following: start date, start time, end date, end time, person, client, project, subproject, activity, description, duration, hourly rate, fee and more. Users can also specify column widths (using mouse drags) and fonts for these reports; they can also specify these column widths, sequence and selections for the Time Logger on-screen display.
 "There's a reason for all this attention to reports," Macy explains. "With the right amount of the right information -- and every professional we know can define that for each of his or her clients -- there are fewer discussions over their bills, meaning fewer delays. We give them an easy way to echo their time-proven billing formats here, and to get those bills out instantly, meaning earlier processing. Between the time that no longer slips through the cracks and the ways we help bring faster payments, we think Time Logger will pay its own way in almost no time."
 For more information, contact Responsive Software, 1901 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, CA 94705; 510-843-1034; fax 510-644-1013.
 Time Logger(TM) is a trademark of Responsive Software.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Contact Martin Winston, Newstips, Inc., 13993 Sweetbriar Lane, Novelty, OH 44072; 216-338-8400; fax 216-338-3480. Black & white or color photography is available from Responsive on request. Reviewers: submit letter or electronic mail request./
 /CONTACT: Alan Macy of Responsive Software, 510-843-1034/

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