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TORMENTED (15, 91 mins)

THE STORY? A school bully comes back from the dead to revenge himself on his classmates. Head girl Justine (Tuppence Middleton) leads the tributes to her former classmate Darren (Calvin Dean). When she falls in with teenage charmer Alexis (Dmitri Leonidas) and meets the rest of his gang she surmises they bullied Darren to death. And then Darren's ghost appears in a murderous mood and leaves his tormentor's entrails ever ywhere.

ANY GOOD? It's OK. It's a film that shares some DNA, not to mention cast members, with TV teen drama Skins, and it revels in that mix of shocking teen behaviour and banter and icky comedy. As a horror film it is careful with the bodycount, although when the gore starts flying it is memorable - look out for the eyeball. However, it's a little too interested in the teen romance aspect of things to really make an incision on the memory.

The story? It's an eagerly anticipated adaptation of Kevin Sampson's acclaimed book about 1980s football hooliganism and male bonding. Paul (Nicky Bell) longs to run with the Pack - the hooligan followers of Tranmere Rovers - but can't get into their gang, until he meets music fan and dreamer Elvis (Liam Boyle) who introduces him to gang leader and ex-squaddie John (Stephen Graham).

AWAYDAYS (18, 105 mins) Paul rises through the ranks.

Any good? Not really. It's got a great soundtrack and to its credit it doesn't glamorise its hooligans the way The Football Factory and Green Street did. However, it does get uncomfortably close to a love letter to the gang. Awaydays aims to have the social realism of Shane Meadows' superb This Is England but it falls very short. It's a little harsh on Stephen Graham who really grabs the attention as gang leader John.


EVERLASTING MOMENTS (15) Swedish family drama THE GIRL CUT IN TWO (15) Steamy French drama.

THE MARK OF AN ANGEL (12A) Hitchcockian thriller from France.


Alex Pettyfer as Bradley in Tormented
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 22, 2009
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