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Scalable multiservice switch

HIGH-CAPACITY ATM SWITCHING PLATFORM is engineered specifically for use within the service-provider network. Designed to meet NEBS requirements, with DC power and carrier-oriented timing and synchronization options, General DataComm's APEX-NPX is one of the leading platforms for delivering ATM services in demanding public networks. GDC APEX-NPX offers multiservice provisioning of voice, video, and data, while benefits of its deployment include lower trunking costs of national and international voice networks. Advantages of APEX-NPX include smooth migration from legacy and frame to ATM-based solutions and a fully standards-based approach conforming to ITU, ATM, and Frame Relay Forum recommendations.

To enhance port density in its Voice-over-ATM platform, General DataComm has introduced 8 kbps CS-ACELP compression (ITU-T G.729A) as an upgrade to its APEX Voice Service Module (VSM). Together with existing silence suppression algorithms and standards-based AAL2 variable-bit rate (VBR) Voice, VSM users can now enjoy bandwidth savings of up to 8:1 with as many as 120 voice channels per VSM. The addition of the 8 kbps CS-ACELP algorithm provides the high port density 8 kbps VBR Voiceover-ATM product, with each GDC APEX system capable of supporting up to 1,800 compressed voice channels. This density and the inherent modularity of the GDC APEX design ensures the product is ideal for both customers who require low numbers of channels for private networking between digital PBXs and those who require higher densities for applications such as the backboning of public voice services. The GDC APEX VSM Voice-over-ATM solution offers over twice as many voice channels per system compared to competing products.--General DataComm, Inc.

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Electronic signature pad

NEED A SIMPLE WAY TO SIGN electronic documents? Recognizing the trend toward the paperless office, Interlink has developed ePad, an innovative pen input device to sign and store documents electronically. Capturing handwritten signatures for PC applications is useful in authorization of e-commerce, e-mail messages, and on-line banking transactions. Interlink's ePad allows access to signature-based electronic security systems. It uses a pressure-sensitive input pad, Interlink's VersaPad. When used with its pen-input software, ePad captures signatures and inserts them into Microsoft Word documents. Interlink's software permits "signature binding" (affixing and time-stamping of an electronic signature to a document), is compatible with other signature binding software packages, and supports biometric signature verification.--Interlink Electronics

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Wireless LAN at 5 GHz

DELIVER 24-MBPS DATA RATES over your wireless LAN network. Proxim is developing a high-speed product line based on the HIPERLAN Type 1 wireless LAN standard. Projected to be available in early 2000, RangeLAN5 products will support real-time multimedia applications, video distribution, and voice communications. HIPERLAN-based products operate in the 5-GHz band and deliver 24 Mbps data rates, more than twice that of 11 Mbps wireless LAN products. The HIPERLAN wireless LAN standard specifies support for isochronous services. Because they are operative at 5 GHz, HIPERLAN systems do not interfere with installed 2.4-GHz wireless LANs, decreasing the possibility of downtime or reduced throughput of existing systems. --Proxim, Inc.

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Uplink amps

DIGITAL-READY, SOLID-STATE POWER AMPLIFIERS (SSPAs) provide up-link service in satellite earth stations, small terminals, fly-aways, and satellite news-gathering vehicles. CPI's satcom division offers the SSCx and SSKx series of amplifiers, optimized for a digital uplink where linearity and redundancy are important. These next-generation SSPAs supply reliable operation in C or Ku band at a variety of power levels from 30W to 200W. The SSPAs are designed to take advantage of the improved GAsFET microwave power devices with improved controls for the end user. Maintenance of these units is easier, with fan access available without having to break any waveguide or cover seals when the units are installed.--CPI Satcom Division

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Product Alliances

NEWBRIDGE NETWORKS WILL DELIVER multiservice global ATM equipment to Cable & Wireless' worldwide customer base. Under this contract, Newbridge is working with Cable & Wireless to deliver the scalable, broadband equipment necessary to deliver fully managed global ATM services across a wide range of traffic types, such as premium-quality Internet protocol (IP), voice, video, and data services, including virtual private networks (VPNs) and native cell-relay services. The new network equipment is based on the industry-leading Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36170 Multiservices Switch and MainStreetXpress 46020 Network Manager.--Newbridge Networks

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ARROWPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, a pioneer of Web switching solutions that optimize response time and reliability, has joined Hewlett-Packard's Covision Internet solutions program, an alliance of leading Internet solution providers. ArrowPoint's Content Smart Web switches optimize infrastructure utilization, eliminating bottlenecks at Web servers and Web caches that frustrate users with errors and long response times.

The HP Covision program combines leading Internet applications; services from certified Internet-ready resellers, systems integrators, and Internet service providers (ISPs); and HP computer technology, including servers, desktops, printers, and scanners.

Directing Web traffic based on content. The ArrowPoint's CS-100 and CS-800 Content Smart Web switches provide a front end for Web server farms or cache clusters, maximizing server resources and optimizing the performance of Web caches. The Web switches dynamically direct specific content requests to the best site and best server at that moment, avoiding busy or overloaded sites. These products have the intelligence to differentiate content based on uniform resource locators (URLs) and cookies. This enables Web hosting companies to offer tiered services but ensures their ability to meet service-level agreements (SLAs). ArrowPoint Communications

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Ready-to-link portables

PORTABLE MULTIMEDIA SATELLITE EARTH STATIONS deliver global wireless remote access to corporate networks. Globecomm Systems has produced the compact Explorer-Ku line, ranging in size from a small, 98-centimeter antenna to a "high-capacity" system with a 1.8-meter antenna. These earth stations are set up typically in 30 minutes and operable by a person after a few hours of training. Aiming aids are available to assist in locating the satellite. The Globecomm Explorer-Ku provides a high-bandwidth, cost-effective, two-way link designed to meet the demands of enterprises, government, and other organizations to extend their networks to remote locations. These earth stations supply connectivity at data rates up to 2 Mbps to support voice, fax, data, and video applications between domestic and international locations.--Globecomm Systems, Inc.

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Network connectivity solutions

OMNITRON'S FLEXPOINT MEDIA CONVERTERS support MT-RJ and VF-45 small form-factor fiber connectors. The FlexPoint 100Fx/Tx media converters are 100Base Fast Ethernet models that bring flexibility at lower cost to fiber networks. Omnitron Systems, a manufacturer of fiber media converters and LAN networking hardware, has devised a media converter that supports both small form-factor fiber connectors, MT-RJ and VF-45, designed to provide users with higher port density per device and lower per-port cost. By integrating this innovation into the FlexPoint product line, Omnitron allows users to take advantage of the per-port economy and benefit from the individual features of the FlexPoint 100Fx/Tx converters, such as full/half duplex operation, autonegotiation, and UTP-crossover switching. Providing 100Base Fast Ethernet connection between the variety of fiber options and unshielded twisted pair (UTP), the FlexPoint 100Fx/Tx enables greater network distances of 28 km and 200 Mbps full-duplex data bandwidth. Utilizing the same form factor as Omnitron's other FlexPoint converters, these new standalone converters can be installed in a 19" power-redundant, 14-slot FlexPoint Powered Chassis that contains dual redundant power supplies and makes converter modules hot-swappable to ensure network reliability.--Omnitron Systems

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Audio conference phone

SOUNDGEAR CORP. has produced its TeleForum audio-conferencing phone for use on analog lines. While providing expansive room coverage, TeleForum focuses on human voices, not room noise, enhancing acoustic clarity. Its exclusive adaptive postfilter reduces background noise. Key features of TeleForum include full-duplex operation, automatic voice-level compensator, independent microphone gating, frequency-based speech detection, ability to make three-way conference calls, 99-number memory, and recording outputs. The ISO9001 compliant Soundgear product has automatic gain controls on transmit and receive channels, as well as an integrated keypad for simpler control.--Soundgear Corp.

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Perfect audio-video

DESIGNED AS A PORTABLE UNIT, the APV200 videoconferencing system delivers television-quality video, is standards-based, and connects directly to any TV, LCD projector, flat screen, PC, or laptop. The APVideo 200 includes a CODEC, one microphone, and remote control. Remote control operation allows the user to pan, zoom, and change the settings of the camera or remote camera. With no special codes to memorize, the system is easy to use. The sound system brings excellent audio synchronization to the video. Gentner Communications has produced its APV 200 as part of its Audio Perfect line, so that when the system is combined with an Audio Perfect system, the APV200 can support up to 64 microphones and multiple cameras. Small enough to fit in a briefcase, APV 200 is a flexible, complete choice for any video conference.--Gentner Communications Corp.

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Maximum availability

SEEKING A PC PLATFORM enhanced for telecommunications and industrial applications? Texas Micro has produced its CompactPCI line to support demanding 24x7 environments requiring 99.996% availability. CompactPCI PCs use Intel-based architecture, PCI-bus technology, and a rugged Eurocard form factor. There is front-panel access to components, hot-swappable power supplies, disk drives, and option cards, front and/or rear I/O access with cable management, and a SCSI RAID array. Texas Micro delivers fully integrated single-board computers featuring on-board Fast Ethernet capability, optional floppy or EIDE hard drive, modem, and video. CompactPCI PCs deliver industry-standard performance at a lower cost of ownership.

Texas Micro offers its CP80 Chassis (pictured) for the necessary bandwidth for Internet, extranet, intranet, e-commerce, telecom, and streaming applications utilizing ADSL, fiber coax, wireless local loop, or satellite access. The CP80 is available in three different models to meet various design specifications. Designed with a power subsystem and cooling system, each chassis is available in a tower or rackmount model that fits into a 19" cabinet. The same components for cooling, display, alarm, power, and media can be swapped between different models. The CP80 has fault prediction and prevention to allow users to detect and correct problems before they occur.--Texas Micro

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Intelligent media converter

SUPPORT FUNCTIONAL AND OPERATIONAL monitoring of the physical layer with Lancast's Ethernet and Fast Ethernet "smart" media converter. The Intelligent Media Converter 7500 is a 12- or 17-slot chassis solution featuring loadsharing and hot-swapping of redundant power. Lancast provides remote manageability for the Intelligent Media Converter 7500 and optional copper and fiber connectivity modules. Its reliable design lowers TCO. Its modular chassis provides the flexibility to mix and match twisters for affordable media conversion and configurable redundant twisters to meet critical network uptime requirements. Lancast's 7500 converts between twisted pair and fiberoptic network segments at 10 or 100 Mbps and permits SNMP management of over 40 parameters for remote troubleshooting. Separate conductors for management, data, and power enable more efficient internal bandwidth monitoring.--Lancast, Inc. Circle 349 for more information

Satellite IP solution

ENHANCE USE OF EXISTING SATELLITE CAPACITY to provide improved multimedia services. ComTier launches FreedomIP, a satellite WAN intranet and Internet access solution based on the TCP/IP protocol suite. FreedomIP enables broadcasters, telecom providers, and enterprises with global WANs to improve wireless multimedia services and lower TCO. Each node in a FreedomIP solution includes an outdoor unit (antenna and transmit/receive electronics), an indoor unit (modem, software, and physical interfaces), and a network management system for monitoring and control of the network. ComTier's product supports mesh, star, multicast, and broadcast network topologies. Key features to maximize satellite usage are real-time management of power and bandwidth including demand assigned multiple access (DAMA), symbol-synchronous TDMA, and a constant-envelope, continuous-phase modulation waveform.--ComTier

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Mobility server

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES has produced a server that enables wireless capability for most PBX or Centrex systems. In a move that broadens Lucent's multivendor approach for business systems, the Lucent Mobility Server now integrates the DEFINITY wireless business system with switches from companies such as Ericsson, Nortet Networks, Hitachi, Siemens, Rolm, and Panasonic. The server also can create a unified network of switches from multiple vendors that share the same phone features and dialing plan. This support of a multivendor approach to wireless systems allows businesses to build off their embedded networks and to get the immediate benefit of in-building wireless services.

The DEFINITY Wireless Business System offers mid- and large-size businesses the flexibility and convenience of wireless communications with the same features and functions of desktop telephone sets. The system's pocket phones can handle three phone lines and make it easy for users to screen, forward, transfer, and hold calls. The phones have conference call capabilities and can access and forward voice mail, picking up virtually all of the features of a deskset.

The system has a transmission range of 2.4 million square feet and can support 1,500 pocket phones. DEFINITY allows for 12 simultaneous calls per fixed base station, 96 calls per zone, and 260 simultaneous calls per network--the highest density in the industry. The system operates at a low power level in the 1.9 Ghz frequency range so it does not interfere with sensitive equipment.

The Lucent Mobility Server is available in a stackable, single-carrier unit, or for larger enterprises, a multicarrier unit. Depending on customers' requirements, the mobility server interfaces with a PBX or Centrex in one of two ways. With the station-side interface, the PBX supplies a bridged analog connection to the Mobility Server. With the trunk-side interface, the PBX supplies tie trunks, such as through an ISDN PRI interface, to the Mobility Server.--Lucent Technologies

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COMBINE RACK COMPONENTS, SECURITY, storage, and protection with full cable and

cord management in a closed environment. Chatsworth Products has produced the Compaqcompatible MegaFrame cabinet system for housing Compaq rack-mountable components. Special multimount rails permit easy installation of Compaq-style equipment in the MegaFrame system to create a high-quality, cost-effective solution. MegaFrame includes a choice of perforated metal or smoked plexiglass doors with a panel fringed by vents. The system also offers air availability and stabilizer feet that meet Compaq specifications.--Chatsworth Products, Inc.

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AcceSS7 applications

ENABLE TELECOM NETWORK OPERATORS to implement some of the provisions of recent FCC rulings on intercarrier compensation for ISP-bound traffic. Hewlett-Packard has developed two HP acceSS7 business-intelligence applications to help identify and measure Internet traffic. The HP acceSS7 ISP finder application identifies and tracks Internet service providers by comparing calling patterns against a typical ISP calling pattern. HP's acceSS7 interconnect ISP-analysis application allows operators to measure the volume of ISP-bound traffic as a percentage of the total traffic they send to or receive from specific interconnecting operators. Network operators can use this data to apply the correct rating factors when calculating payments under interconnect agreements. Hewlett-Packard

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