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Forming Machine

Company offers an all hydraulic, micro-processor-controlled, multi-outlet forming machine that is easy to maneuver plant wide. The 745 is tough, reliable and efficient, combining accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. NuTEC Manufacturing, 908 Garnet Court, New Lenox, IL 60451.

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Shaft Seals

EAS externally-adjustable seals offer complete containment of dry powders, pastes, slurries, corrosives, fluids, solvents, vapors and gases, where traditional packings fail to seal. The fully-split EAS is custom-designed and manufactured to each application and can retrofit most process equipment. Woodex Bearing Co. Inc., HC33, Box 37A, Georgetown, ME 04548.

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Oil Skimmers

Company offers an oil skimmer that removes petroleum-based oils, animal and vegetable fats, greases and oily wastes floating on water. Model 6V removes 100 gallons of oil per hour. Tube adjusts to water levels and attracts oil as it snakes through the water surface. Oil-saturated tube is drawn down through scrapers to remove oil, clean tube returned to water and repeat the process. Oil Skimmers Inc., Box 33092, Cleveland, OH 44133.

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Cooking Verification/Process Control

For processing and food safety needs, the ThermaZyme ACP Test is the only Peer Verified Method that allows you to confirm process control and proper cooking of meat and poultry products. The system provides documented results that are accurate, repeatable, and extremely sensitive. Test results are quantitative and do not rely upon operator interpretation as other methods do, and its ability to perform testing even after product has cooled makes the it ideal tool to help your plant avoid unnecessary wash-downs and maximize production capacity. TherinaZyme ACP, Two Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062.

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Moisture Manager Dryers

Moisture Manager Dryers provide special dew point monitoring and the ability to operate at pre-set moisture levels, removing excess moisture without over-drying. They are designed with dew point sensors to monitor dryer dew point and material dryness and signal a change in process airflow according to dew point. The dryers feature the MCD-3000 multi-system controller that incorporates a backlit LCD display with continuous monitoring of the dew point, dew point changeover and dryer alarms. Novatec Inc., 222 E. Thomas Ave., Baltimore, MD 21225.

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Vibratory Tray Feeders

This feeder line is designed for feeding pelletized or good flowing powdery materials at very low feed rates, starting from 0.1 lbs/hr. The basic construction element of this feeder is the resonant vibratory drive type FA6. The tray and material on the tray vibrate at the resonant frequency of the assembly. Arbo Engineering Inc., 3 Whitehorse Road, Unit 4&5, Toronto, ON M3J 3G8.

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Automatic Bag Placers

The Sakpak Automatic Bag Placer incorporates proven feed and pinch roller technology to precisely pick up an open mouth bag and place it onto an integral clamp ready for filling. Designed for flexibility, it handles a wide range of paper, poly and woven poly bags. O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, MA 01752.

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Bevel Seat Fittings

Company has extended its product offering to include end caps, ferrules (short, long, hose barbs and recessless), tube fittings (tees, elbows, reducers and crosses) in 304 stainless steel from one to four inches, all from stock. Bradford, Box 33, Elm Grove, WI 53122.

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Elevating Platforms

G-RAFF Elevating Platforms are self-supporting and feature level work platform that raises and lowers to the exact height of the tank truck. Features include push button controls and machine screw actuation. Platforms support loading arms and are easily customized. Benko Products Inc., 5350 Evergreen Parkway, Sheffield Village, OH 44054.

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Lab Sieves

Company offers a full range of high-speed gyratory lab sieves in 8", 10" and 12" screen diameters. This side discharge all stainless steel Model RBF-10 has an optional variable speed frequency drive (800 to 3,400 RPM). Electric or air driven units utilize two stainless steel sanitary contact parts that enable quick product clean-up or changeover. Vorti-Siv Div., Box 720, Salem, OH 44460.

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Sterile Packaging System

Company customizes pick and place assembly lines for packaging, inspecting and sealing preformed trays. All systems parts are engineered and assembled in-house. Each package component is inspected and tracked by the PLC. Defective packages are rejected, assuring 100% verification and reconciliation. Atlas Vac Machine, 4200 Malsbary Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242.

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Wash-Thru Motor

Family of motors is intended for long life in extremely harsh environments. These "Wash-Thru" motors have completely encapsulated windings to protect them from moisture and contaminants. Rather than attempt to seal out the elements, these motors isolate the motor component most vulnerable to moisture damage. Lincoln Motors, 2280 St. Claire Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117.

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Vacuum Power Units

Company has redesigned the stand for its Vacuum Power Units that reduce the overall height and footprint of the units from the previous design, returning valuable floor space to other production operations. The redesigned units still maintain low noise emissions. VPUs up to 25 HP are used to power in-plant conveying systems designed to move pellets, regrind and powders quietly and efficiently. Novatec Inc., 222 E. Thomas Ave., Baltimore, MD 21225.

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Decanter Centrifuge

The Model TS-400-F-USDA Decanter Centrifuge features an overhung bowl design, allowing for easy access to the rotating bowl and scroll. The process parts are all of 316 stainless steel, fully machined and maximized so the centrifuge can be CIP without any disassembly. TEMA Systems Inc., 7806 Redsky Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45249.

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Explosion Detector

Company's Rate of Rise Explosion Detector offers digital intelligence to explosion detection and minimizes the opportunity for nuisance activations. Features include digital signal processing, rate detection, fail-safe detection and high pressure alarm. Fike Corp., Box 610, Blue Springs, MO 64013.

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Sanitary Static Mixers

Company offers Kenics[R] Sanitary Static Mixers for efficient, cost-effective handling of processing applications like blending, dispersion and heating/cooling. Continuous, in-line mixing is achieved with no moving parts, no maintenance and no external power requirements. Chemineer Inc., 125 Flagship Drive, North Andover, MA 01845.

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Steam Jacketed Kettles

Short Series[TM] reduces total kettle height but maintains standard capacities. With a lower rim height than other stationary kettles, they allow shorter workers to cook and clean the kettles without risk of burns and other injuries caused by having to stand on crates, reach over or lean on the kettles. Cleveland Range Inc., 1333 East 179th St., Cleveland, OH 44110.

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Company introduces the HE series portable homogenizer. Available in five flow capacities, the HE series offers variable speed drive motor with interchangeable rotor/stator-mixing tools. This makes the series HE ideally suited for multiple uses: homogenizing, product transferring, and product circulating. Bogner Industries, 199 Trade Zone Drive Ronkonkoma, New York 11779.

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Reversible Boom Cranes

Company offers three new models of heavy-duty, counter-balanced mobile hydraulic cranes in 10,000-, 15,000- and 20,000-pound capacities. The company is currently manufacturing smaller units in capacities of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000 pounds. The new heavy-duty devices are self-propelled and battery operated, equipped with variable speed drives for propulsion. Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave., Mentor, OH 44060.

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Sensor Switch

Company offers the Type 8400 sensor/switch that measures fluid temperatures from -40 [degrees] F to 25 [degrees] F and features a programmable "switch" set point that can be set either locally or with the three push buttons on the display or externally from a PLC/computer over a 4-20mA loop or using FieldBus or ASI-Bus. Output choices include a transistor output; 5-30 VDC, 700mA; or a rely output; 250 VAC, 3A or 30 VDC, 3A. Burket-USA, 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614.

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Sanitary Milling

The FitzMill[R] Comminutor is ideal for precise particle size reduction of a wide variety of food products. Equipment can be configured to meet your objective particle size distribution and capacity requirements. Machines are available to meet USDA/USDA Dairy guidelines, as well as provide for cryogenic processing or other product specific requirements. The Fitzpatrick Co., 832 Industrial Drive, Elmhurst, IL 60126.

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Engineered Winches

Designed for repetitive industrial lifting and cable pulling applications, the high-performance 203 which series features sealed gearing with oil bath lubrication, high-quality drive components and continuous-duty motors. They are available with electric, air and hydraulic motor and a full compliment of single- and variable-speed control packages. David Round Inc., 32405 Aurora Rd., Solon, OH 44139.

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Bag Dump Station

Company offers a line of manual or automated bag dump and opening equipment. The operator works in a dust-free environment while continually opening bags. Reverse pulsejet cartridge filter eliminates product loss. Construction is stainless or carbon steel. Product Saver, 4232 Venard Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515.

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Sanitary Ball Valves

Igenix[TM] Series 5 sanitary ball valves solve processing and maintenance problems. New ball valve features swing out and lift out capabilities, improved stem packing, optional body cavity fillers, symmetrical bolt pattern and interchageability between seats. They are available in Two-Way, Flush Tank and Divert Port models. PBM Inc., 1070 Sandy Hill Rd., Irwin, PA 15624.

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Self-Draining Valve

The model MK98, a modulating control valve with pneumatic actuator and high flow capabilities for use on sanitary steam, gas and liquid services for sanitary applications. It is self-draining and crevice free to maintain sanitary conditions whether mounted horizontally or vertically. Jordan Valve, 3170 Wasson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45209.

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Company offers two new LA and LP models with 8,200g capacities and a resolution of two decimal places. Highlighting the balances is the high performance LA8200S (single range) and LA8200P (poly range) models with application programs that include counting, checkweighing, % weighing, unit toggle, preset tare, animal weighing, net-total, formulation, statistics, recalculation, etc. Sartorious, 131 Heartland Blvd., Edgewood, NY 11717.

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The 1500 Series reel is specifically designed for air and water applications such as high-pressure steam cleaning, facilities washdown and general maintenance. It can accommodate lengths of ID hose from 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch. It performs at product temperatures from 20 [degees] F to 400 [degrees] F, with a standard operating pressure of 3,000 psi. Hannay Reels Inc., 553 State Route 143, Westerlo, NY 12193.

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These energy efficient units are designed to maintain temperatures to -15 [degrees] F. Units may be designed to hold one to thirty-two 55-gallon drums or customized to meet cooling requirements. Forklift pockets and/or casters allow for easy mobility. Benko Products Inc., 5350 Evergreen Parkway, Sheffield Village, OH 44054.

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Metal Pump

Available in 316 stainless steel, aluminum, or Hastelloy wetted construction, this new 1/4" pump has a maximum flow rate of 5 gpm. It is offered with the Accu-Flo[TM] solenoid valve and Pro-Flo[TM] patented air valve technologies. With its many different porting options, it provides additional flexibility in applications where space is a consideration. Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., 22069 Van Buren St., Grand Terrace, CA 92313.

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High-Output Pulverizer

Ak-Swept pulverizer lets you fine grind and classify to 10 microns in one step with one machine. Design is well suited for processes that require high production, fast cleaning and simple operation. It is ideal for spices. Jacobson LLC, 2765 Niagara Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55447.

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Colloid Mills

Greerco[R] Colloid Mills are designed to deagglomerate solids and produce stable liquids emulsions in the micron particle range with consistent uniformity. These high-shear mixers are offered for continuous or batch emulsion or dispersion applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes, with models ranging from lab to heavy-duty applications. Chemineer Inc., 125 Flagship Drive, North Andover, MA 01845.

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Ag-Chem Fillers

Company offers a range of liquid and dry-flowable filling machines that deliver high accuracy from just a few ounces to five gallons. Machines are precision engineered and guaranteed to fill within 1/10th of 1% accuracy for 32 ounces or larger containers. For containers smaller than 32 ounces, company guarantees accuracy within one gram. Serac Inc., 300 Westgate Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188.

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Mixer Finger Blades

Company offers a new "Finger Blade" design for its Double Planetary Mixers. The design enhances the capability of the mixer. It enables the mixing of high viscosity formulations. The new blades have many advantages including mixing products at several million cps and assisting in the rapid incorporation of light and difficult-to-wet solids. Charles Ross and Son Co., Box 12308, Hauppauge, NY 11788.

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Automated Turntable/Mixer

The new Turntable System Model TTMS fully integrates any one of the company's Change Can Mixers with a Discharge System, Turntable and Controls in one self-contained platform. It offers any Change Can Mixer the ability to automate production operations. Charles Ross and Son Co., Box 12308, Hauppauge, NY 11788.

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Brooms & Brushes

Polypropylene fibers are fused onto high-impact resistant polymer block, eliminating premature fiber fallout and areas for contaminants to collect. Durable fibers maintain shape and are visually coded to isolate areas of use. Polymer adjustable handle (34" to 62") is easy to use and adjusts to your height. Poly block, fibers and handle are non-conductive and will not absorb bacteria, liquids, odors or natural fibers. Perfex, 32 Case St., Poland, NY 13431.

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Homogenizing Mixers

Company offers Greerco[R] Homomixers for mixing, emulsifying and dispersing of materials through a wide range of viscosities. These high-speed, high-shear homogenizers subject mixtures to intense mechanical and hydraulic forces to reduce mixing time and assure uniform blending. Chemineer Inc., 125 Flagship Drive, North Andover, MA 01845.

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Milling Machine

The Comitrol[R] Processor is a versatile milling machine with a unique particle size reduction principle. It is ideally suited for difficult bakery and snack food rework applications in which the product has a cream, fruit or jelly-filled component. Using the principle of incremental shear, it cuts the product into precise increments turning potential losses into additional profits. Urschel Laboratories Inc., Box 2200, Valparaiso, IN 46384.

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Bulk Bags

Rhino[TM] Bulk Bags provide superior strength and durability with their one-piece woven polypropylene or polyethylene construction. Unique angle sewing creates a cone-shaped top and bottom, providing additional room during filling and allowing for quick and complete discharge of product. Reinforced bands throughout the bag's body material create a sturdy bag that withstands a nine-foot drop test with 2,205 pounds of product. Custom Packaging Systems Inc., Box 183, Manistee, MI 49660.

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