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Bacharach Gas Detection Systems

Series 4600 GAS Plus universal gas transmitters from Bacharach Gas Detection Systems reduce overall gas detection system cost and complexity. Its toxic model automatically configures to any of EIT's 25+, intrinsically-safe, gas specific electrochemical "smart" sensors that retain configuration data and eliminate warm-up time. Model 4688-IR can specifically detect propane, butane or 15 other gases in virtually any environment. The advanced infrared-based sensor has no mechanical parts to wear out, does not require oxygen for operation, and its life is not reduced by gas exposure. RS-232/485 simplifies wiring and utilizes the MODBUS RTU protocol. Programmable integral alarm relays provide excellent operational flexibility, along with a time delay feature that reduces nuisance activations. Circle #201

Clock Spring

Pipe support systems from Clock Spring eliminate crevice corrosion, prevent abrasive wear, do not require a certified installer, and are fast and easy to install. Clock Springs use two full encirclement wraps of a unidirectional fiberglass composite that are bonded to the pipe with a patented adhesive to eliminate crevice corrosion and abrasive wear at pipe supports. Intended for use with pipelines at pipe support locations with up to 30 percent wall loss. Circle #202

TSE Valve Company

The TSE Ball Valve, available from TSE Valve Company, comes in sizes ranging from 12- to 48-inch, in ANSI Classes 300, 600, and 900. The valves are used in pipelines transporting natural gas, oil, hydrocarbon liquids and slurries. The enhanced version of the time-proven Chronister ball valve benefits from the ability to service a seal without removal of the valve from pipelines and without removing or resetting the actuator. Due to its design and method of manufacture, the patented TSE Ball Valve offers flexibility in material requirements, economy in price and an assured delivery. Circle #203


Bendco's pipe bending capabilities include structural bending through 36-inch wide flange, cold bending 1/4-through 14-inch and inducing bending 1-through 36-inch pipe. The B-36 is a 12- to 36-inch induction bender. Circle #204

Robit Technology

Robit Technology offers an Instrumented Polymer Aging Coupon (RIPAC) system to monitor the aging of the polymer material in flexible pipes. The purpose of this patented system is to ensure a reliable measure of the state of the polymer material in the pressure sheath with regard to potential aging beyond the polymer's safe use limits. The RIPAC system provides increased accuracy to estimate spent and remaining service life compared to plain coupon exposure. Circle #205


Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) has introduced the PathFinder, a ground penetrating radar (GPR) system designed to map underground pipes and utilities quickly and accurately. GSSI has eliminated the time-consuming area stakeout and frustrating line-by-line analysis of data associated with the traditional GPR technique of establishing a grid prior to an evaluation. Instead, the PathFinder continuously collects multiple polarization subsurface data while the LaserGrid positioning system monitors its position to one-inch accuracy. Data processing automatically detects pipes and other underground utilities and presents the findings in a 3-D map of the survey area. An optional satellite controlled ground positioning system is also available. Circle #206

Pressure Systems, Inc.

Pressure Systems, Inc. has introduced its NetScanner, an intelligent multi-channel pressure acquisition system with Ethernet capability. The system is ideal for both liquid and dry gas pressure measurement for turbine engine research, turbomachinery test stands, process monitoring and other industrial applications. The PSI NetScanner product family includes a Model 98RK rack-mountable chassis, housing up to eight 16-channel Model 9816 intelligent pressure scanners that are networked via an Ethernet interface. The chassis provides scanner power supply and pneumatic connections, as well as 10Base T hub circuitry that supports remote Ethernet-based NetScanner products. Circle #207

Total Flow

Total Flow's TOTALFLOW LevelMaster Intelligent Digital Level Sensor is designed for custody transfer accuracy in demanding level measurement applications. When the LevelMaster is combined with the RTU, a wide library of data gathering and site automation applications are available. The TOTALFLOW LevelMaster has been widely deployed in oil and gas, water, wastewater, flood warning and chemical applications. It allows for two floats to be used on the same sensor assembly to measure levels of two different density fluids in the same tank. Each float can accurately measure the level of its respective fluid over the full vertical range of the sensor. Circle #208


A new pipe bending machine, the Centurion, can bend all types of 6- to 20-inch OD pipe. Offered by CRC-Evans, the Centurion has hydraulic pumps which operate at 2,500 psi and boost cylinder force and bending speed by 82 percent. A wide frame and larger bending cylinders let the Centurion easily handle even "extra strength" pipe with an outside diameter of 20.87 inches - the large end of the metric range. With an unobstructed view of the die area, the Centurion gives operators "hands-on" control of the pipe-bending process. Circle #209

OdorEyes Technologies

A new odorizer that combines the benefits of pulse bypass odorizers with the latest in PLC technology is now available from OdorEyes Technologies. The Millennium Series One Pulse Odorizer has no moving pans and no pumps. Since there is no pump to fail and no seals to leak, the odorizer is maintenance-free and allows for improved environment control. The new odorizer can be operated over a wide flow range to fit any size system. Tank level measurement is accurate to within a hundredth of an inch, and there is no contact with the odorant except at the time the tank is filled. Its alarm data log gives a date/time stamp for all alarm occurrences and their clearing, showing deviations from normal operations as well as response time to detected problems. Circle #210

Olympus America

A new pipe camera inspection system for the internal inspection of long-run piping has been introduced by Olympus America, Inc., Industrial Products Group. The system camera head at the distal end, with its compact CCD color video camera, is capable of penetrating as far as 100 feet inside piping of different diameters and sending back to the viewer bright, high-resolution video images. The new PT36-300 pipe inspection system is compact, portable and lightweight. Reliable, no-filament, white LED illumination eliminates costly lamp replacement. Minimal power consumption provides up to 10 hours of dc field operation. The aerodynamically-designed camera head glides through long pipe runs. Circle #211


New options for sidewall mounting of operators and breaker handles have been added to Adalet's XCE series of explosion-proof electrical control enclosures. Adalet offers sidewall drilling with either straight or NPT threads to accommodate the full range of available operating devices and can provide enclosures with buyer-selected devices pre-installed. The XCE enclosures, designed to permit easy development of customized enclosure systems, are ruggedly built of cast, copper-free aluminum with heavy wall thickness. All units include integral, cast-on, slotted mounting lugs. Circle #212

Vernon Tool Co

A 16-page brochure which describes the Greenwood Valve line of products from Vernon Tool Company is now available. The Greenwood Quick Closing Valve is a simple and reliable solution to storage tank, bulk terminal and pipeline isolation applications. The reverse check valve design stops the flow of fluid or vapor in the event of a fire, explosion or electrical disruption. Descriptions of design improvements and recent regulatory agency and industry approvals, such as API 6FD fire tests and fugitive emissions compliance, accompany detailed specifications for the entire product line. Circle #213

James W. Sewall Company

The Walking Surveyor Assistant is a digital mapping and automated data management tool for use in conducting leak detection surveys. Hosted on mobile pen-based computers, it provides immediate access to service line mapping and facilities data. Eliminating the need for paper maps and reports, the application maximizes the efficiency of field work crews and expedites report analysis, work orders and service repair. Circle #214


PrimusTech has announced the release of its Soft ANN-alyzer Version 2.0, specifically designed to deliver intelligent inferred properties for online industrial applications in the process industries. With Soft ANN-alyzer the plant engineer can quickly and easily develop reliable models from plant historical data or test data for online use. Without programming, models are effortlessly placed online for open-loop control, closed-loop control, SPC, data reconciliation, sensor validation, optimization and decision support. Circle #215


iNPIPE PRODUCTS offers an extensive range of twin-tiered isolation plugs that include 4- through 24-inch diameters. The plugs are capable of sealing pipes during day-to-day operations between Schedule STD and XS, while holding a differential pressure of up to 5 Bar. The system offers numerous advantages, the largest being the sealing power of the two inflated tires when activated in the pipe or piping section. This ensures a significantly safer atmosphere when carrying out welding and associated activities. A water jacket is fitted between the tires, which at 3 Bar, further enhances operational safety. Circle #216

Wheeler-Rex has announced its new rotating pipe cutters for steel, cast and ductile iron pipes. These pipe cutters are lighter and more compact than competitive versions by using forged rather than cast body sections. In addition, the link-style design allows the cutters to cover a wider range of sizes. Available in 3-through 20-inch. Circle #217

Tube Turns Technologies

Tube Turns Technologies offers a 100 percent in-stock guarantee for all standard 6- through 30-inch carbon steel Class 75/150/300 T-bolt closures. All standard T-bolt closure orders will ship from a warehouse in Louisville, KY, or Houston, one day after the order is placed or Tube Turns will pay the freight. This offer is subject to change without notice. Tube Turns Technologies also manufactures a complete line of closures, including threaded or yoke-style closures for high pressure applications. Circle #218

12C International Corrosion Control

12C International Corrosion Control provides worldwide corrosion control engineering services and products to major and independent companies, as well as contractors. Services include mapping surveys, cathodic protection, software development and pigging. Among its products are shrink sleeves, zinc anodes, reference cells, instruments, flange gasket kits, monolithic insulators, splice kits, rectifiers, condenser anodes, thermit weld materials, etc. Circle #219

Southwest Windpower

Minimize downtime and reduce operating costs with an AIR Industrial Wind Turbine, offered by Southwest Windpower. Based on the world's best selling wind turbine, the power source has been designed to survive the harshest mountaintop and offshore sites. When combined with a solar array, you will experience a more consistent power supply that is unaffected by seasonal changes and weather fluctuations. There is no need for a separate tower. The low wind loading and lightweight design of the device allow it to be mounted on existing structures within a few hours. Circle #221


All over the world, Enerpac cylinders provide force to major industries - construction, shipbuilding, aerospace, manufacturing, and more. Enerpac cylinders lift naval vessels for repair, level heavy bridge sections, pull parts together for welding, allow for controlled positioning of heavy loads, and provide power and precision as part of specialized hydraulic presses. The cylinders are available in over 100 standard configurations. Circle #220

L&J Engineering

The MCG 1800 Directed Impulse Radar Level Indicator from L&J Engineering uses small bursts of energy to launch a series of microwave signals that are guided to the target surface using either flexible or rigid rods, depending upon the application. It is ideally suited for liquids or slurries such as water, waste, latex, pulp, acid, caustic and resins where other measuring devices become coated, clogged or hung up. Circle #222
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