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Personal Assistant

The MediMonitor from Informedix is a portable, palmtop communications device that becomes a patient's personal medical assistant. The device reminds patients to take medication on time with appropriate instructions; provides patients with information on their conditions and medications; stores a month's supply of up to five medications in individual compartments; reminds patients to record clinical information; and prompts patients with diet and exercise tips. --Informedix, Rockville, MD,

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Push to Talk

Website visitors can call a site's customer service department by clicking a button with eFusion's Push to Talk service. The call can either go over the Internet or through regular phone lines, synching the customer's computer to the call center for shared browsing. Voice communication over the Web lets customers and patients talk through a problem in real-time. --eFusion, Beaverton, OR,

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Ready for Prime Time

PrimeSuite from Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc., is an umbrella of physician-centric products and services that provide a secure environment for the electronic sharing of healthcare information. The Web-based software suite, which contains applications such as PrimePractice, PrimePatient and PrimeHospital, consists of an integrated practice management, computer-based patient record and managed care system. --Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc., Carrollton, GA,

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Processing referrals

A new software product from e-MEDx manages eligibility inquiries, referral requests and treatment authorizations for payor and provider organizations. E-AutoAuth[R] enables provider organizations to access critical patient information over a secure Internet connection. Payors have the ability to specify criteria for approval, triggering automatic approvals for certain authorization requests or forwarding a message to the utilization review department for requests that require more in-depth reviews. --e-MEDx, Bethesda, MD,

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Managing Critical Care Data

CareSuite[TM] 6.0 from Picis is an integrated information suite of products that manage real-time and retrospective critical care and perioperative data. It can deliver process improvements, help promote best practices, drive better outcomes, improve quality of care and control costs. The new version includes enhancements such as clinically relevant views to support informed decision making, automatic data collection of intravenous infusion devices, a shift summary report and a concurrency management tool. Products available with CareSuite 6.0 include Chart+[TM], Visual Care[TM], QuickQuery[TM], HospiAudit[TM] and RemoteView[TM]. --Picis, Inc., Arlington, VA,

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Paper and Electronic Processing

dakota imaging and S2 Systems, Inc. have teamed to provide paper and electronic processing of healthcare transactions through S2's Network Express[TM] dakota imaging adds out-of-the-box templates for electronic data interchange transaction sets to its claims processing software and its secure ASP Data Center to S2's software. The partnership eliminates the need for multiple, complex and costly systems that insurance payors are forced to run to process claims. --dakota imaging, Columbia, MD,

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HIPAA Compliance

A suite of business integration software that facilitates compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandate for administration simplification is available from STC. HIPAAware[TM] simplifies the task of meeting HIPAA requirements for System integration with e*Gate[TM] Integrator, an alternative to the development of point-to-point interfaces; e*Index[TM] Global Identifier, which maintains internal numbering for providers, health plans and employers and crossindexes them with nationally assigned identifiers for external communications; and e*Xchange[TM] Integrator, which allows organizations to EDI-enable their integration infrastructure without purchasing separate EDI modules for their applications. --Software Technologies Corp., Monrovia, CA,

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Power Supply

Designed to meet the high-availability needs of critical 24-hour applications, the Powerware 9330[R], from Invensys Power Systems-Secure Power, will enhance systems reliability and efficiency. The 9330 also contains high-end features and benefits that only existed in larger capacity uninterruptible power systems. Primary features of the 9330 include double conversion online design, high efficiency, pulse width modulation, intelligent communications, complete battery management system and global services. Invensys Power Systems, Raleigh, NC,

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Physician Partner

Practice Partner ASP from Physician Micro Systems, Inc. offers a complete electronic medical record, appointment scheduling and medical billing in a single application service provider package. Available on a monthly service basis through the Internet, the system utilizes a Virtual Private Network architecture and employs security features such as triple DES encryption, end-to-end firewalls and authentication systems. --Physician Micro Systems, Inc., Seattle, WA,

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To the Maxx

A Web-based service that unifies patient records from many sources into a single, patient-centric file is now available from MedPlus. E.Maxx provides providers with access to laboratory test results, discharge summaries, radiology reports, demographics patient information and other clinical data via the Internet. The application service provider meets HIPAA requirements. --MedPlus, Cincinnati, OH,

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Web-based Practice

A practice management system for physician offices built for the Internet is available from PerfectPractice. MD. PracticeManager. MD enables physician offices to support multiple sites across the Web, and allows physicians and key personnel to access data from any location with Internet access. The system, developed using exclusively Microsoft[R] technologies and that integrates to the Microsoft Office Suite, includes applications for billing, appointment scheduling, claims analysis and collections. It can produce forms, reports, spreadsheets and graphs. --PerfectPractice. MD, Salt Lake City, UT, www.perfectpractice.MD

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... And Lift

The Vertical Lift (VL) Series from Ergotron is a low-profile wall-mounted module that allows users to quickly position the height of the flat panel monitor and keyboard. It works for situations wherein multiple operators use a single computer workstation, such as outside an examination room. The product profile makes installation in confined or high-traffic areas possible. With the keyboard folded in the storage position, the depth of the system can be as little as 4 inches. The monitor and keyboard have a 9-inch vertical range and move in tandem. --Ergotron, St. Paul, MN,

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Deleting Duplicates

A new Internet service available from Smart Corp. allows deletion of duplicate records from a healthcare facility's master patient index and maintains the index's integrity over time. eMPI Cleanup is available on a service fee basis and can be used by healthcare institutions of any size. With the service, ADT data is securely transferred over the Internet to the company's data center and imported into a secure database. Operators identify duplicate records and send electronic merge commands back to various departmental computer systems. Field staff, working at the client's site, merges the paper records. Every record resolution is fully documented. --Smart Corp., Alpharetta, GA,

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Help in a Flash

Communication, collaboration and accountability across a healthcare organization are the goals of project management, document storage and accreditation tools from HealthFlash, Inc., an application service provider. At the HealthFlash Executive site, managers can track progress on key strategies, view real-time project and accreditation information and follow performance measures. HealthFlash Flagship promotes efficiency by creating, tracking and logging all information related to projects, documents, indicators, meetings and education. --HealthFlash, Alpharetta, GA, http://

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