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The New Holland Power Components Group has unveiled several new products, including a four-wheel drive Powershuttle and several new industrial drive axles.

The Powershuttle driveline, which is suitable for a range of equipment applications, includes a 3.9 L Iveco diesel engine rated 70 hp at 2300 rpm; a New Holland Powershuttle transmission that includes four forward and reverse ratios; a 20:1 New Holland rear axle; and a 13.7/14.4 four-wheel drive front axle. Also new is the D35 double reduction drive axle, which offers load capacities of 11,000 to 22,000 lb., depending on the application. The D35 axle is a cast iron construction with hardened steel shafts and incorporates sealed oil-immersed disc brakes. Options include a range of single- and two-speed hydrostatic gearboxes, a range of input flanges, including Dana, DIN and Mechanics, and three flange widths.

Also new is the D65 industrial drive axle, which is targeted at a range of construction, material handling and mining applications with load ratings between 17,600 and 64,500 lb. The double-reduction axle includes a mechanically operated differential lock for maximum control of tractive effort and hydraulically applied service brakes with automatic park/emergency brake capabilities.

Options include hydrostatic gearboxes, Truetrac differential system and No-Spin differential lock. An oscillating version, with the mounting trunnion concentric with the input flange to minimize driveshaft articulation, is also available.

New Holland has also released a new version of its D45 drive axle. The new unit is a double reduction planetary unit with load ratings from 21,700 lb. to 48,500 lb., incorporating new side housings with fixed mounting pads, which provides increased load carrying capacities for most applications, the company said.

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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Apr 1, 2000

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