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This semiannual column selectively lists new periodicals; describes their objectives, formats, and contents; and provides information special issues; title and format changes, mergers, and cessations. The following resources were frequently consulted when assembling this column: Music Periodicals Database (MPD;, Music Index (MI\, IULM Abstracts of Music Literature, (RILM;, OCLC Worldcat and Ulrich's Periodical Directory (, and the Directory of Open Access Journals ( All Web sites were accessed on 20 March 2019 unless otherwise indicated.


Reviews, new titles, and publisher and title changes announced elsewhere in this column include additional comments about electronic access.

Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale [RILM] has added five tides to its RILM Music Encyclopedias: Domingo Prat's Diccionario biogrdfico--bibliogrdfico--historico --critico de guitarras (instrumentos afines), guitarristas (profesores--compositores--concertistas --tahudistas--amateurs), guitarreros (luthiers) --Danzas y cantos--terminologia. Buenos Aires: Romero y Fernandez, 1934.; Llortense Panum's The Stringed Instruments of the Middle Ages: Their Evolution and Development. Translated and edited by Jeffrey Pulver. London: William Reeves, [1939 or 1940]; Sibyl Marcuse's Musical Instruments: A Comprehensive Dictionary. New York: Doubleday, 1964; Curt Sachs' Real-Lexikon der Musikinstrumente, zugleich ein Polyglossar fur das gesamte Instrumentengebiet. New York: Dover Publications, 1964; and Sibyl Marcuse's A Survey of Musical Instruments. New York: Llarper & Row, 1975. RILM Music Encyclopedias has 54 titles in total as of January, 2019.

Retrospective Index to Music [RIPM] has launched Jazz Periodicals. The initial installment includes 103 American periodicals originally published between 1914 and 2000: Ail-American Band Leaders (Springfield, MA, 1942-1943); American Jazz Annual (New York, NY, 1956); American Jazz Monthly (Whitestone, NY, 1944-1945); ASCAP Jazz Notes (New York, NY, 1962--1965); Bandmagazine (New York, NY, 1939); Big Apple Jazz (New York, NY, 1977); Band Leaders (Mount Morris, IL, 1943-1946); Bandwagon (New York, NY, 1939); Band Leaders and Record Review (Mount Morris, IL, 1946-1947); Bandstand (New York, NY, 1939); Basin Street (New Orleans, LA, 19451946); Cadence (Redwood, NY, 1976-2000); Change (Detroit, MI, 1965-1966); Clef (Santa Monica, CA, 1946); Collegiate Swing (Lexington, VA, 1938); Climax (New Orleans, LA, 1955-1956); The Cat's Meow (Detroit, MI, 1938); The Capitol Nexus from Hollywood (Hollywood, CA, 1943-1952); Christensen's Ragtime Review (Chicago, IL, 1914-1916); Christensen's Modern Music Monthly (Chicago, II., 1934); Down Beat Music [Yearbook] (Chicago, IL, 19571963); Dance Band Album (Greenwich, CT, 1942); Doxun Beat (Chicago, IL, 1934-1963); Disc'ribe (Ann Arbor, MI, 1980-1982); Detroit Jazz (Detroit, MI, 1997-2000); Disc: The Record Magazine (Mount Morris, IL, 1946); Detroit Jazz Monthly (Detroit, MI, 1995-1997); Esquire's Jazz Book (Chicago, IL; New York, NY, 1944-1947); Encyclopedia Yearbook of Jazz (New York, NY, 1956); Floy Floy (Chicago, IL, 1938); Good Diggin' (Portland, OR, 1947-1949); The Crackle. (Brooklyn, NY, 1976-1979); GTJ and CR News (Los Angeles, CA, 1955-1961); Hip (Milwaukee, WI; McLean, VA, 1962-1971); I IRS Society Rag (New York, NY, 1938-1941); Hollywood Note (Hollywood, CA, 1946); In the Groove (Camden, NJ, 1945-1949); Jazz [First Series] (Forest Hills Station, NY; New York, NY, 1942-1943); Jazz Club Bulletin (New Orleans, LA, 1950); fazz Discounter (Evansville, IN, 1948-1951); Jazz Digest (Philadelphia, PA, 1956); Jazz-finder (New Orleans, LA, 1948-1949); Jazz Information (New York, NY, 1939-1941); Javt Session (New York, NY, 1941); Jazz: The Metronome Yearbook (New York, NY, 1950-1959); Jazz Magazine (Northport, NY, 1976-1980); Jazz Notes (Newark, NJ, 1942); Jazz [Second Series] (New York, NY, 19441945); Jazz Quarterly (Kingsville, TX; Chicago, IL, 1942-1944); Jazz: A Quarterly of American Music (Berkeley, CA, 1958-1960); The Jazz Record (New York, NY, 1943-1947); The Jazz Register (San Diego, CA, 1965); Jazz Report (Ventura, CA, 1960-1974); The Jazz Review (New York, NY, 1958-1961); Jazz Beat (Schenectady, NY, 1950); Jazz Today (New York, NY, 1956-1957); Jazzways (Cincinnati, OH; New York, NY, 1946 1947); The Jazz Blast (Mt. Ephraim, N), 1970-1973)'; Jazz Digest (McLean, VA, 1972-1974); Jazzette (Boston, 1944-1945); Jazz Notes (Indianapolis, IN, 1957-1963); The Jazz Session (Chicago, IL, 1944-1946); Jazz World (New York, NY, 1957); Jazz New York (New York, NY, 1956); The Music Dial (New York, NY, 1943-1945); Mecca (New Orleans, LA, 1974); Music Memories Quarterly (Birmingham, AL, 1963); Melody Nexus (New York, NY, 1934-1935); Music News (Hollywood, CA, 1952); Music Memories and Jazz Report (Birmingham, AL, 1963-1965); Music Memories Monthly (Birmingham, AL, 1963); The Mississippi Rag (Minneapolis, MN, 1973-2006); Music Memories (Birmingham, AL, 1961-1962); Music and Rhythm (Chicago, IL, 1940-1942); Metronome (New York, NY, 1932-1961); Metronome: Music U.S.A. (New York, NY, 1955-1959); Music Views (Hollywood, CA, 1952-1959); The New Baton (Dunellen, NJ, 1944-1945); The Needle (Jackson Heights, NY, 1944-1945); New Yearbook of Jazz (New York, NY, 1958); Oh! Play that Thing (San Francisco, 1948-1952); Playback (New Orleans, LA, 1949-1952); Platter Chatter (Seattle, WA, 1945-1947); Quarter Notes (Fresno, CA, 1962); 78 Quarterly (Brooklyn, NY; Key West, FL, 1967-2002); Rhythm and Blues (Derby, CT, 1952-1964); The Record Changer (Washington, DC; Fairfax, VA; New York, NY, 1942-1957); Recordiana (Norwich, CT, 1944); Record Research (Brooklyn, NY, 1955-1977); Raglime Review (Chicago, IL, 1916-1918); Radio and Record Stars (Mount Morris, IL, 1947); Record Whirl (Chicago, IL, 1955-1956); Rhythm (New York, NY, 1946-1947); Swing: The Guide to Modern Music (Detroit, New York, 1938-1941); The Soul and Jazz Record (Hollywood, CA, 1975-1977); The Second Line (New Orleans, IA, 1950-1976); Swing Music. (New York, NY, 1939); Swing: Devoted to Modern Music (New York, NY, 1941); The Baton (Detroit, MI, 1941-1943); Theme (North Hollywood, CA, 1953-1957); The Jazz Report (Creve Coeur, MO; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL, 1953-1960); Tempo (Los Angeles, CA, 1933-1940); Upbeat (Chicago, IL, 1938-1939); and The Wheel (Kannapolis. NC, 1948). In the RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals, five new journals added, one journal expanded: Musical America (New York, 1898-1899, 1905-1945 [-1964]), remainder forthcoming; Signale fur die musikalische Welt (Leipzig, 1843-1868 [-1943]), remainder forthcoming; L'arpa (Bologna, 1853-1880); Muzikalna misul' I [phrase omitted] (Sofia, 1929); Muzikalna misul' / [phrase omitted] (Sofia, 1936-1939); and Revue musicale de Lyon (Lyon, 1903-1912). In RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (1760-1966), fourteen journals were added to the RIPM Index and three others saw expanded treatment. More than 54,000 records were added to the RIPM Index. Titles include: The Musical Magazine (London, 1835); Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik (Leipzig, 1845-1868), completion of the years edited by Franz Brendel; The Musical Independent (Chicago, 1868-1873); La Melodia (Padova, 1869-1870); Monthly Musical Record (London, 1871-1960)--1921-1930 added; Russkaia muzykal'naia gazeta = [phrase omitted] (St. Petersburg, 1894-1918); La nuova musica (Florence, 1896-1919); Vila musicale (Milan, 1911-1915); Musica (Santiago (Chile), 1920-1924); La Musique (Paris, 1927-1929); La Revista de musica (Buenos Aires, 1927-1930); Bulletin of the American Composers Alliance (New York, 1938, 1952-1963); Hinrichsen's Musical Yearbook (London, 1944-1961); and Revista de musica (Havana, 1960-1961). Within the RIPM Retrospective Index with Full Text, fourteen full text periodicals were added: Musical Magazine (London, 1835); Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik (Leipzig, 1845-1868); The New York Musical World (New York, 1852-1860); The Musical Gazette (New York, 1854-1855); Rivista musicale italiana (Milan, 1894-1918), remainder forthcoming; La Nuova Musica (Florence, 1896-1919); La Revue musicale (Paris, 1920-1940); La Musique (Paris, 1927-1929); Musica e scena (Milan, 1924-1926); Revista Musical de. Guatemala (Guatemala City, 1927-1929); and Bulletin of the American Composers Alliance (New York, 1938, 1952-1963).


Jazz Journal (ISSN 2014-8833) has ceased print publication and is now available as an open-access journal at

Black Sacred Music (ISSN 1043-9455) has ceased publication as of 2013.


Contemporary Music Review. Vol. 37, No. 4 (August 2018): Jon Rose: the Rosenberg Museum. The articles in this collection "survey the musical output of violinist Jon Rose through the prism of his museum dedicated, like himself, to all things violin: the Rosenberg Museum." Included are seven research articles related to Rose and the Rosenberg, along with a plate (Images from the Rosenberg Museum).

Current Musicology. No. 102 (Spring 2018). Sounding the Break: Music Studies and the Political. Tom Wetmore wrote that this themed issue "embraces this moment of institutional and intellectual reflexivity, endeavoring to contribute to an interdisciplinary critical examination of formations of the political embedded with musical thinking in the academy." Included are ten research articles and several book reviews.

Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa. Vol. 14, Nos. 1-2 (December 2018): African Music Research and the New Empiricism. This special issue aimed to address a resurgence in "systematic musicology" and the "potential of empirical methodology in shaping other areas of music research." Though much of the research is focused on South Africa, other articles address other regions. The issue features five research articles, a composition, obituaries, and reviews.

Journal of Music History Pedagogy. Vol. 9, No. 1 (2019): Special Section on Information Literacy and the Music History Classroom. In the editorial, Sara Haefeli wrote that contributors to this issue have "witnessed radical change to how [we] approach issues of authority, expertise, and even how [we] define facts in the past few decades." Two articles by music librarians address information literacy, and the issue also includes a roundtable on primary sources in the music history classroom.

Nineteenth-Century Music Review. Vol. 15, No. 3 (December 2018): Essays in Honour of Stephen E. Hefling. This issue pays tribute to Mahler scholar and professor emeritus at Case Western Reserve University, Stephen E. Hefling. Included are five research articles, a sound recording review, and a score review.

Opera Quarterly. Vol. 32, Nos. 2-3 (Spring-Summer 2018): The Phantom on Film. Guest edited by Cormac Newark, this special issue focuses on the connections between musical theatre and opera, and the "development of a set of popular ideas about opera and operagoing." The issue includes seven research articles/case studies to that end. There are no reviews or other content.

Organised Sound. Vol. 23, No. 3 (December 2018): Special issue on Sound and Kinetics: Performance, Artistic Aims, and Techniques in Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art. According to the editorial, the issue is "a first attempt at bringing scholarship together for closer investigations of the disciplines of kinetics and movement in electroacoustic music and sound art." The issue comprises nine research articles, a book review, and liner notes for the accompanying DVD.

Popular Music and Society. Vol. 42, No. 1 (January 2019): Special Issue on Beyonce. Guest edited by Marquita Smith, this issue "details Beyonce's career shift from her early girl group beginnings toward global stardom." Featured are six research articles, a forum, and book reviews.

Rock Music Studies. Vol. 5, No. 3 (October 2018): Global Psychedelia and Counterculture. Guest editor Kevin Moist commented that the scholarly articles in the issue were not limited to the United States, and in fact spanned "the southern Pacific and South America to the Middle East and beyond the Iron Curtain." The issue comprises five articles, book and audio reviews, and an interview.

Twentieth-Century Music. Vol. 16, No. 1 (February 2019): Special Issue on Music and Socialism. Guest edited by Danijela Beard and Elaine Kelly, this issue explores "how music has been conceived within socialist frameworks, the purposes for which it has been used, the effectiveness of music in political contexts, and the impact of socialist thought on the production of music." Included are nine research articles, and three book reviews.
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