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 NATICK, Mass., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The MathWorks, Inc. today announced the launch of its MathWorks Partner Series, a new software publishing program designed to broadly distribute users and third-party developed toolboxes for vertical applications based on its MATLAB(R) software. The first three Partner Series Toolboxes utilizing MATLAB's powerful technical computing environment will ship this fall.
 "MATLAB is an ideal environment for prototyping and implementing powerful and flexible tools, ranging from individual algorithms to complete technical applications," said Jim Tung, vice president of business development for The MathWorks. "It's computational and visualization capabilities, coupled with a high-level mathematical programming language, lets researchers and technical experts implement and communicate their technical ideas as practical tools. Now we are adding a means to disseminate those tools and knowledge base to technical professionals around the world, in such diverse application areas as engineering, applied physics, computer science and chemistry."
 Each year MATLAB users create hundreds of new applications, often as result of their own research work. Some are distributed by the users themselves via electronic mail, networks or conferences. Until now, MATLAB users have had no formal mechanism to share the tools they developed. The Partner Series provides that mechanism by bringing The MathWorks marketing, distribution, and technical support resources to this ad hoc process.
 The first three products typify the Partner Series, since they are practical tools that implement theories at the cutting edge of scientific and engineering research, written by users doing that research. They are:
 -- The Hi-Spec(TM) Toolbox, for higher-order spectral analysis in areas such as digital signal processing (DSP), fluid dynamics and telecommunications research.
 -- The Model Predictive Control Toolbox, for designing model-based control systems for industrial processes in fields such as chemical engineering and process control.
 -- The Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox, for frequency- based modeling of physical systems in such diverse technical fields as acoustics and speech research, seismic research and oceanography, and econometrics.
 The toolboxes are implemented as MATLAB scripts (M-files) and delivered as source code. This provides users with direct access to the underlying algorithms, making the underlying mathematical principles easier to learn and understand. In addition, the user can modify the tools to address any specific needs.
 The Partner Series Toolboxes will ship on all MATLAB 4.0 platforms, including: 386/486 PCs running MS-Windows, Macintosh, Sun SPARC, Hewlett- Packard Series 700, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, and DEC Ultrix and Alpha/AXP Systems. Additional Toolboxes will be announced throughout the year. Contact the MathWorks for the most up-to-date product availability and pricing information.
 MATLAB is the most powerful technical computing environment on the market today. It provides numeric and symbolic computation, a high- level programming language, graphics and application-specific toolboxes that allow users to analyze and visualize data, analyze and optimize engineering systems designs and algorithms, and create mathematical models. Specific functionality includes object-oriented graphics, sparse matrix support, sound output, graphical user interface controls and hundreds of other math and graphics operations.
 The MathWorks, Inc. based in Natick, Mass., develops, markets and supports high performance software for interactive numeric computation, visualization and dynamic system simulation. The MathWorks' products are relied upon by more than 150,000 users at the world's leading commercial and government research laboratories and organizations, and educational institutions.
 NOTE: MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.
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 /CONTACT: Joanne Dawson of The MathWorks. 508-653-1415, ext. 401; or Gene Carozza of Rourke & Co., 617-267-0042, ext. 325, for The MathWorks/

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