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MacTech Magazine, the Journal of Macintosh Technology and Development, Westlake Village, Calif., has released the MacTech CD-ROM (volumes 1-15, through June 1999) with new THINK Reference Collector.

The new release of the MacTech CD-ROM provides the most complete reference collection available for Macintosh programmers and developers -- and features a new tool for collecting and compiling the latest references for Mac OS APIs into compact, easily searchable, THINK Reference format.

The MacTech CD-ROM includes the entire history of MacTech Magazine, 2000 articles from almost 170 issues of MacTech Magazine running from 1984 through June of 1999. This wealth of programming tutorials, introductions to new technologies, and how to articles are compiled into databases for the THINK Reference system.

Also included are the complete run of Apple's develop magazine, the FrameWorks journal, and Apple's original inside Macintosh technical reference -- all in THINK Reference format. Source code for these articles, compilations of Mac programming newsgroups, shareware, demos, and special offers are also included on the CD-ROM.

The THINK Reference Viewer (included on the CD-ROM) is explicitly supported by all major Macintosh development environments -- including CodeWarrior, Object Master, and Symantec C++. Simply select text in these environments and use a command key combination to bring THINK Reference forward and search for that API or keyword. The new THINK Reference Viewer also supports complex boolean searches and an advanced high speed search engine that allows you to quickly and precisely find the information you need.

"THINK Reference is simply an essential tool for Mac OS developers. It's fast, clean, easy to use, and simply the best way I can think of to quickly store and access reference information," said Kevin Avila, CEO of Cache Com puting.

A new THINK Reference Compiler is featured on the CD-ROM with support for AppleEvents and larger makefiles. Simply drop a makefile on the compiler to compile large directories of HTML documents into a single, compact THINK Reference database.

The THINK Reference Collector, developed by Cache Computing <http://www.cach>, is also included on the CD-ROM. This tool can download the entire contents of Apple's Inside Macintosh web pages onto your local disk, create makefiles, and use the new THINK Reference Compiler to process these files into compact, easily searchable, THINK Reference Databases. Finally, you can have the latest Mac OS API calls, at your finger tips, with THINK Reference.

Marshall Clow, of Adobe Systems observed "The THINK Reference Collector is one of the best ideas for developers that I've seen in a long time. Now developers can build custom THINK Ref databases to use while they are debugging or not online. Not everyone has a T1." For more information about the MacTech CD-ROM visit

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $129, new MacTech CD-ROM can be purchased through the Developer Depot <>. Anyone who purchased the previous version of the MacTech CD-ROM after May 31st will receive a complimentary upgrade. Users who own previous versions of the CD-ROM can upgrade for only $49.

Corporate Backgrounds:

Xplain Corporation has three divisions -- publishing, mail order and custom services. Founded in 1984, the company has its offices in Westlake Village, California. For more information on Xplain Corporation or any of its products/services, point your browser to <>, call the main offices at 805-494-9797, fax at 805-494-9798, send an e-mail to mailto, or overland mail to PO Box 5200, Westlake Village, CA 91359-5200, USA.

Cache Computing is the publisher of DCon, the debugging console as well as the THINK Reference Collector. For more information about Cache Computing visit them on the web at <>.
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Date:Sep 1, 1999

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