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Cross-platform image editing software offers breakthrough performance

with hi-res images, Internet file format support and familiar user

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR), the leader in digital arts, multimedia and Web publishing software, introduced today Macromedia xRes(TM) 2.0, the most powerful creative tool for editing, painting and compositing of hi-res images. Targeted at graphic designers, webmasters, photo-illustrators, desktop publishers and multimedia producers, Macromedia xRes 2.0 is the only cross-platform imaging application that offers high-performance, high-resolution image editing in addition to a full suite of artistic brushes and textures. And Macromedia xRes 2.0 offers integrated support for saving files in formats important for Web authoring, including PNG, transparent GIF and progressive JPEG.

Macromedia xRes 2.0 is an essential companion product to Adobe Photoshop for graphic designers seeking optimum speed and flexibility when editing large files ranging from 20 MB to 100+MB. In xRes mode, designers can manipulate high-resolution image files in near real-time without large RAM requirements, minimizing delays and cost while facilitating creative productivity. For designers working with smaller files, Macromedia xRes 2.0 processes pixels in real-time. The product's interface is familiar to Photoshop users, reducing the learning curve for immediate results. In addition, xRes provides a full set of color correction and artistic effect filters familiar to graphic designers. It offers a range of artistic brushes, textures and an integrated gradient designer for maximum creativity within a single application.

"Graphic designers everywhere will benefit from the new features and superior hi-resolution editing xRes technology brings to Macromedia," said Fred Krueger, Macromedia's vice president of imaging, formerly president of Fauve Software. "Macromedia xRes combines image editing and painting features to make it the perfect solution for high-end graphics and printing."

Macromedia acquired Fauve Software in August 1995, developers of Fauve xRes, a high resolution image editor, and Fauve Matisse, a low resolution texture paint program. Macromedia xRes 2.0 combines the features of these products with significant enhancements that better meet the image editing needs of graphics and multimedia artists.

Macromedia xRes is an important new addition to Macromedia Studios, the leading integrated suite of cross-platform digital media creation and editing tools, which already includes Macromedia FreeHand(TM), Extreme 3D(TM), Fontographer(R), Director(R), Authorware(R) and SoundEdit 16(TM).

"Macromedia xRes 2.0 joins Macromedia Studios to provide graphics and multimedia professionals with the most fully integrated, extensible and easy-to-use tools for digital design and editing," said Bud Colligan, president and CEO of Macromedia. "Macromedia is committed to offering the most powerful creative tools at the best value for our customers."

Key Macromedia xRes 2.0 features include:

* Internet file formats -- Macromedia xRes is the only image editing package to offer integrated support for saving files in formats important for Web authoring including PNG, GIF89a, and progressive JPEG. Macromedia xRes 2.0 also supports compositing in indexed color mode with a transparent key color.

* Fast hi-res editing -- Operations that would take minutes to apply in traditional applications take seconds in xRes; for example, edits on a 500 MB file occur at the same speed as on a 100K file without high RAM requirements.

* Extensibility -- The Macromedia Open Architecture (MOA) supports leading plug-ins and Macromedia Xtras, so that designers can incorporate additional functionality, enhancing both creativity and productivity.

* Paint tools -- Macromedia xRes 2.0 offers the industry's most customizable selection of pressure sensitive, retouching and artistic paint brushes, featuring 20 brush types with more than 80 presets.

- Artistic paint brushes -- including over 40 new presets for brushes like chalk, oil, calligraphy and quill.

- Retouching brushes -- including new contrast, saturation and noise brushes.

- Texture brushes -- including new textures, such as papers, natural surfaces and patterns for creating backgrounds.

* Object oriented compositing -- Macromedia xRes 2.0 features a unique object-oriented architecture that makes layering and blending multiple image elements easy.

- Alpha channel transparency -- Photoshop users can leverage their knowledge of alpha channel transparency to create special effects and masks.

- Multiple undo -- While other image editing packages feature a layer architecture that restricts the user to one undo, Macromedia xRes 2.0 offers multiple undos.

- Floating text objects -- The object-oriented design also enables users to easily alter and move text, as well as drag and drop objects -- a major flexibility benefit to designers.

Macromedia xRes now includes Kai's Power Tools 3.0 Special Edition

Macromedia xRes will ship with a customized version of Kai's Power Tools 3.0 Special Edition. The Spheroid Designer, the Texture Explorer, and the Gradient Designer add creative functionality through the Macromedia plug-in architecture (called Xtras). xRes customers will receive the Smudge Tool and over 200 graphics presets as part of Kai's Power Tools 3.0 Special Edition, an exclusive advantage for Macromedia customers. In addition, xRes also includes over 250 Megabytes of high and low resolution images from Photodisc(TM), Classic Photographic Image Objects, ImageKit, Texture Farm, Visual Language, Xaos Tools, and Digital Stock Corporation.

Pricing and Availability

Macromedia xRes 2.0 is priced at SRP $699 US dollars (expected street price approximately $489), and ships with a wide selection of free fonts and low and high-resolution images and textures, as well as an Advanced Digital Imaging Tutorial. The Macintosh versions will be available within 30 days, with the Windows version shipping later in March. Macromedia is offering special pricing of $199 for Adobe Photoshop, Live Picture or Fractal Painter users. Current xRes and Matisse users can upgrade to Macromedia xRes 2.0 for $99. Information is available by calling 800-457-1774. Interested parties outside North America should contact their local Macromedia distributor for pricing and availability in their area.

About Macromedia

Macromedia Inc., the leader in digital arts, multimedia and Web publishing software, offers a full range of products for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. The company's flagship products include: FreeHand(TM), the most powerful tool for design and illustration; Authorware(R), the most powerful multiplatform authoring environment for interactive information; Director(R), the industry-standard animation and authoring tool for multimedia production and featuring Shockwave(TM), the most powerful authoring tools for multimedia production on the Internet; Extreme 3D(TM) a powerful 3D modeling tool for multimedia, graphics and product design; SoundEdit 16(TM), the easy- to-use digital sound recording and editing solution; Fontographer(R), the industry-standard for type design and editing; and Macromedia xRes(TM), the most powerful creative tool for hi-res images. For more information on Macromedia products, please call 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000, or fax 415-626-0554. You can also reach Macromedia on- line: America On-Line: Keyword: MACROMEDIA, CompuServe: GO MACROMEDIA, Microsoft Network (MSN) : GO MACROMEDIA, Internet: or on the World Wide Web:

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