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 CARVER, Minn., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A new high-performance, low- cost, multiplatform, multi-format CD-Recordable system is being offered exclusively by Microboards, Inc., a Tokyo-based multimedia and CD-ROM engineering firm and CD-technology integrator. The system is now available for shipping in the United States and Europe through Microboards' U.S. office.
 Called PlayWrite(TM), the recording system is a turn-key package including the new Ricoh CD-Recordable drive; Dataware Technologies' CD-Record(TM) software compatible with MS-DOS, Unix and Apple Macintosh systems; a SCSI cable, blank media and one free hour of customer support from National Computer Systems (NCS), a nationally recognized computer services provider.
 Priced at $3,899, PlayWrite has broken the CD-Recordable price threshold to become the lowest-cost system currently on the market and the only one under $5,000 to deliver a recording capability for all three major platforms.
 "Ricoh's decision to expand into the CD business was motivated by two factors," according to Dr. Morio Onoe, Ricoh's executive vice president. "First, the market promises to expand dramatically in the future since the CD is one of the best media for recording a mixture of image and text data.
 "Second, Ricoh already possesses the technologies needed to enter this market -- including optomechatronics, photoconductor organic pigment technologies, and semiconductor technologies," Onoe continued. The company accumulated these technologies through its years as a leading manufacturer of copiers, cameras, printers, optical disc drives and discs.
 Dataware, the leading developer of CD-ROM authoring and retrieval software is supplying its recently enhanced CD-Record version of 2.0 multi-format, CD-Recordable software. The software is compatible with MS-DOS, Unix and Apple Macintosh systems.
 "PlayWrite is a truly high-quality CD-Recordable system that has all the attributes, formats and platforms required by the business marketplace," according to M. Craig Hanson, U.S general manager for Microboards, Inc. "It brings together three foremost industry leaders in hardware, software and services to create an affordable solution that will make CD-Recordable technology accessible to many more businesses."
 PlayWrite was designed to be used with a broad range of CD-ROM applications from mastering audio CDs and developing CD-I titles to preparing multimedia business presentations, directories, catalogs, desktop publishing and archival storage.
 The CD-Recordable drive has an incremental write capability, which allows data sets of variable and/or fixed lengths to be written on the disc -- similar to any external PC storage device. Ricoh's drive also conforms to the Orange Book II world standard governing CD-Recordable. Its small 5-1/4" form factor makes it convenient for desktop use and storage.
 The package also includes customer support. "By having a single support number to call, we are addressing the frequent confusion prospective buyers have when combining software, hardware and peripherals from different suppliers," Hanson said. Telephone customer support will be available Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST through NCS.
 Ricoh Company, Ltd. of Tokyo is one of the world's top suppliers of office automation equipment, including image processing systems, communications equiptment, computer peripherals and related supplies.
 Founded in 1988, Dataware Technologies, Inc. is the world's largest supplier of products and services for CD-ROM application development. Dataware (DWTI) is a publicly held corporation traded on NASDAQ.
 Headquartered in Carver, Microboards, Inc. of America is a branch of Microboards of Japan, which was established in 1980. Both companies provide engineering solutions for interactive and real-time technology manufacturers and integrate multimedia and CD-ROM technologies to deliver systems solutions for business and industry. For product information, call 800-225-4414.
 -0- 9/7/93
 /NOTE: PlayWrite is a trademark of Microboards, Inc. CD-Record is a trademark of Dataware Technologies, Inc. All brand and product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders./
 /CONTACT: M. Craig Hanson of Microboards, 612-448-9800; or Kathleen Davies, 612-334-5996, for Microboards/

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