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 NEW YORK, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- List things Americans love passionately, and cars and grilled food would probably be near the top. When they're not kicking tires in auto showrooms, they're likely to be tinkering with new grills in local stores.
 You can debate the best car value, but it's no contest when it comes to the new in-home electric speed grillers on the market. One getting high marks from retail appliance buyers is the innovative 60-second Grill Express, and it is captivating grilled food lovers across the country.
 See this compact countertop appliance work and it reminds you of the TV show, "How Did They Do That?" Patented technology, which combines heat, pressure and a water seal, has been called as revolutionary as the microwave was twenty years ago.
 Developed by Creative Technologies Corp. of Brooklyn, N.Y., the Grill Express literally cooks meat, fish, poultry and vegetables perfectly in seconds-to-minutes. The all-natural cooking process uses no oils or butter, and all nutrients and juices are retained, keeping food moist and tasty.
 Can you believe succulent jumbo shrimp in 30 seconds? Or chicken cutlets in a minute, sizzling sirloin steak in 90 seconds and salmon steaks in about 2 minutes? Most vegetables are grilled to perfection in about 30 seconds.
 The sturdy appliance is smokeless, odorless, UL-approved, energy- efficient and easy to clean. Weighing only 11 pounds, it's also portable, ideal for vacation home or weekend retreat. A versatile meal- maker, it is truly an appliance for '90s lifestyles, a dream appliance for those who savor the taste and appearance of grilled foods, which microwaves just can't match.
 A consumer "Best Bet" at about $129, the 60-Second Grill Express is available at leading appliance, housewares and department stores. Or call 1-800-282-5240 for the nearest retail outlet.
 -0- 8/26/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Photos, test units available./
 /CONTACT: Mark Rutman for Creative Technologies Corp., 212-702-4707/

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Date:Aug 26, 1993

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