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Tide of Fortune JANE JACKSON (Published January by Accent, PS7.99) Tide of Fortune is a thrilling adventure story set on the high seas. It has all the ingredients readers familiar with the writing of Patrick O'Brian, Alexander Kent and CS Forester will recognise - perilous seascapes, bloody maritime battles, races against time and tide, gallant captains, salty crews and exotic locations - but with a twist!

The story is told from the point of view of an inexperienced 19-year-old girl, Kerenza Vyvyan. Her voyage on the packet ship Kestrel is not only a journey to ransom her mother and sister, held captive by the Governor of Tangier, but also proves to be a journey of self-discovery. Kerenza bravely faces the various disasters that befall her on board with a growing strength of character and fortitude she never knew she had.

Kerenza prefigures the feisty women of 20th-century novels, rising above the traditional role mapped out for a woman of her time. However, this is not all action and adventure, for during the course of her travels Kerenza regains the love and trust of Kestrel's captain Nick Penrose, who had broken her heart earlier.

Story: The Library of Wales Short Story Anthology Volumes 1 and 2 EDITED BY DAI SMITH (Published January by Parthian, PS14.99 each) With more than 80 stories in two volumes, the Library of Wales short story selection offers a stunning selection of the best Welsh writing in English. Edited by Dai Smith, the two collections range from Arthur Machen's The Gift of Tongues, Rhys Davies' Dark World and Caradoc Evans' The Coffin to Leonora Brito's Dat's Love, Gee Williams' Blood Etc and Rachel Trezise's Fresh Apples. Along the way there's everything from the fields of Ynys Mon to the bars of Barcelona in a thoughtprovoking and highly entertaining selection.

Left and Leaving JO VERITY (Published January by Honno, PS8.99) Photographer Gil is on an extended grey gap-year, working in the London hospital to which Vivian brings Irene for emergency treatment; together they try to establish calm amid the chaos.

Irene is thrilled with her "guardian angels", they less so with her ongoing interest in their lives.

Gil has a girlfriend, living in the same building as him, and a troublesome family back home. Thirtysomething Vivian has a high- flying boyfriend, an irascible father and a demanding job. But they keep finding reasons to spend time together in the run-up to Christmas. And still there is Irene, intent on filling the holes in her life...

Marooned in Tooting by a sudden snowstorm, Vivian and Gil are forced to spend the holiday confronting secrets and responsibilities they've been complacent about for too long.

This is the fifth novel from Richard and Judy Award-winner Jo Verity, author of Sweets from Morocco.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 4, 2014
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