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The Truants by Kate Weinberg HHHHH In this mesmerising debut, Kate Weinberg confidently combines literary suspense and deftly executed narrative, slowly unravelling each thread that tangles first-love, obsession and the boundaries of self-identity. A first-year university student in search of a personality, Jess is primed to be drawn under the spell of her professor's rock-star presence. Packing a punch, with plenty of references to Agatha Christie, and echoes of Donna Tartt's The Secret History, its hefty foreshadowing and abundance of twists keeps the reader tripping forwards. A riveting read that will surely be one of this summer's favourites.

Platform Seven by Louise Doughty HHHHH Louise Doughty is best known for Apple Tree Yard, and fans of the smash-hit thriller will not be disappointed with her newest offering. Admittedly it takes a while to get going and is not as immediate and fast-paced as her bestseller; instead, Platform Seven slowly reels you into the eerie tale of two suicides (or so it seems) in 18 months at Peterborough station. Unnervingly, the narrator is one of the people who died. Narration by ghost is always a risky trick that could come across gimmicky. However, once again, this author pulls it off.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Press and Journal (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:Aug 31, 2019
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