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 ATLANTA, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Two safety devices intended to help protect children from injury due to accidental firings have been introduced by Firearm Safety Products, Inc.. The moderately-priced products will soon be available to gun owners in stores across America, and include the only trigger safety device with an audible alarm.
 The products, TriggerShield(TM) and TriggerAlarm(TM), each feature a clam-shell design which covers the trigger area of most any firearm, making it virtually unaccessible to children. However, the device may be easily removed by an adult in case of emergency. Unlike other firearm safety devices, the FSP products fit both handguns and rifles, and allows keyless owner accessibility while still guarding against accidental discharges.
 The products feature several distinct safety features: On TriggerShield, a visual warning notifies an unauthorized person to keep "hands off." (This use of universal symbols has been tested to be effective with children as young as 18 months.) Pressure plates with release pins cover the trigger area: two teardrop-shaped pins on either side must be twisted, depressed, and then slid away from the weapon in order to open and remove the device, similar to the ratcheting action of a child-proof medicine bottle top. Foam pads apply even pressure and protect the finish of the trigger area.
 TriggerAlarm has all the features of TriggerShield, plus an alarm system which sounds when tampered with. The alarm is armed and deactivated by a two-digit security code. The 85-decibel alarm typically startles the youngster into abandoning the firearm, and immediately warns an adult that the gun is being handled.
 The concept is the brainchild of Robert "Skipper" Fuller and his wife Ann who were upset by countless media recaps of gun inflicted injuries to children. With assistance from business colleague Rick Smyth, Firearm Safety Products was created.
 "Skipper and I each have young children, and are very sensitive to this issue. We became concerned with the potential of our children running across a gun in someone else's home and quickly verified this is a problem for all parents -- not just those with guns," says Smyth, who is president of the company. Fuller and Smyth found studies(A) which indicate that 46 percent of all homes in America have at least one firearm. Literally thousands of children are injured or killed in accidental shootings every year.
 "The safety of children was our key concern, but with the passing of gun owner's responsibility laws in many states, the issue of liability will no doubt become a concern to many," adds Smyth. "Gun owners who don't have children in the home still have neighbors, nieces and nephews or grandchildren, or unexpected visitors to be concerned about."
 The company's doors opened in 1992 with a mission to contribute to the safety of the American family by attempting to decrease the number of children's deaths caused by accidental firearm discharges. They would do so by promoting gun safety education and the invention of a firearm safety device.
 Today the company, located just north of Atlanta, is producing devices to fulfill the company's mission. With Fuller as chairman and Smyth as president of the operation, TriggerShield and TriggerAlarm are being manufactured for national distribution.
 TriggerAlarm and TriggerShield are made of an industrial strength co-polymer which carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Protection pads are a specially blended rubber/neoprene material with a pressure sensor high compression ratio, and a non-skid texture for adhesion and gripping. Safety stickers are vinyl laminated with permanent adhesive.
 The electronics package available on the TriggerAlarm involves a double-sided printed circuit board; a micro-processor with imbedded memory; a two-digit red LED display; and a two button keypad. The digital display carries a red light emitting diode for low power consumption and easy viewing in dark or light. The alarm is 85-decibels with amplification via a built-in echo chamber. Two long-life, replaceable watch batteries included make it work.
 TriggerAlarm carries a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $29.95. The suggested price of the TriggerShield is $12.95. Both will be available at discount stores, such as Service Merchandise, sporting goods stores, and gun shops nationwide.
 For more information, call 1-800-424-0060.
 NOTE: No gun lock or safety device can offer absolute protection against accidental or deliberate misuse of guns. All firearms should be kept unloaded and out of children's reach.
 -0- 3/9/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: (A) Information was pulled from May 29, 1992 Gallup Poll recap on Handgun Ownership (GO No. 122034). Time magazine and CNN found in December 1989 that 61 percent of all they surveyed owned handguns/
 /CONTACT: Susan Schoolfield, or Julie Wilson, both of Regian Advertising, 817-870-1128, for Firearm Safety Products, Inc./

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