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 CHICAGO, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Ameritech this week is launching an intensive new advertising campaign, and a number of other initiatives, that will make its new market-driven structure and unified brand identity a more visible reality this week to its 13 million customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.
 "We want to maximize awareness of the new Ameritech brand," said William L. Weiss, Ameritech chairman and chief executive officer. "Customers will hear and see our name often -- when they call us, on the road, in newspapers and magazines, in their mailbox and on television and radio. We want them to readily associate `Ameritech' with the high quality, dependable and state of the art communications products and services we provide."
 Television, radio and print ads are a key part of the effort to position the new Ameritech and continue the sweeping restructuring of the company announced earlier this year. The identity changes all will clearly link the single Ameritech brand to the 23 separate identities, including five state Bell companies, under which the Midwest communications company formerly marketed its communications products and services.
 "It will take more than a year to fully implement the identity change," said Weiss. "The initial changes customers will see are, by design, highly visible and broad-based and will make an unmistakable link between the new Ameritech and the companies our customers have always depended on for quality communications services."
 Weiss said that in addition to advertising, a number of other changes will help to make the new unified Ameritech identity evident to customers, including:
 -- The delivery of the first of newly marked monthly bills for communications services to Ameritech Bell company customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. For the first time, these customers will be asked to make checks out to Ameritech rather than their local Bell company.
 -- Signage changes on buildings and company sites across the Midwest.
 -- New identification cards for 70,000 employees that replace the familiar "Bell" name and other Ameritech company names with "Ameritech."
 -- An initial blush of newly marked vehicles that make it clear that our five state Bell companies and all other Ameritech companies now are doing business as Ameritech. Ultimately, Ameritech's entire five-state fleet of some 20,000 cars and trucks will feature the new logo.
 "This identity change will make the shared heritage of the Ameritech companies apparent to customers," said Weiss. "Our goal is to build on our customers' past association with us and thereby strengthen our position in a communications marketplace that is increasingly competitive and populated with some of the most recognizable corporate names and logos in the world."
 In February, Ameritech announced a sweeping restructuring under which it is creating individual business units going to market under a single Ameritech brand. To date, seven of the 12 new business units have been formed. Creation of the remaining business units, and staffing of those that already have been formed, will be completed by the end of 1993.
 -0- 9/13/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Ameritech is launching a new advertising campaign this week to introduce its new uniform identity and to help position its newly
formed market-focused business units with their customers. One of the most visible changes resulting from this effort is that "Ameritech" replaces "Bell" as the name under which products and services will henceforth be marketed to the company's 13 million Midwest customers. For further details, including revised logo materials, B-roll video and the local implications of this change, please call any of the contacts listed at the close of this message./
 /CONTACT: Mike Brand, 312-750-5219, or Steve Ford, 312-750-5219; State contacts for local information: Illinois: Larry Cose, 312-220- 2379; Indiana: Lee Ann Hoy, 317-265--2766; Ohio: Keith Jameson, 216-822- 4548; Wisconsin: Maurie Louret, 414-678-3635, all for Ameritech/

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Date:Sep 13, 1993

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