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 MOBILE, Ala., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Most of the time, traveling is positive and rewarding. But whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, it's common to confront the less positive aspects of the travel experience. News reports are full of travelers who've taken wrong turns that resulted in muggings, carjackings or worse. Now, Defenders Network, Inc., an Alabama-based company established to create crimefighting products, has turned its creativity to helping travelers cope with today's crime in a way that's safer than ever before possible.
 The company's newest product, with worldwide patents pending, is called Hidden Edge(TM), and is a chameleon-like spray crime fighter that looks like a camera, a cellular phone, a tape recorder or an AM radio -- anything but a defense tool. What makes this invention "breakthrough" is that this disguised mini-canister of pepper spray has a special "safety pin" feature that disarms the unit if a mugger or other criminal attempts to grab it from its rightful owner. Other pepper sprays on the market lack this important safety feature, placing the user at peril if the criminal gets hold of the unit.
 "Most travelers, whether experienced business personnel or tourists, know the basic safety rules. But in today's world, it isn't enough," commented Defenders Network President Helmut Julinot and inventor of the "safety pin" feature of Hidden Edge self-defense devices.
 "Pepper spray is widely legal, and certainly proven to be a far safer choice than mace, stun guns or hand guns for untrained consumers. With today's carjackings and high incidence of personal attacks, we feel this product is a good choice for all of us at risk. Pepper spray also works well against drug addicts, dogs and drunks," he said.
 Hidden Edge "Safety Pin" spray has a cinchable wrist strap that allows the user to control the device. Should the criminal attempt to yank the device away, the wrist strap would be pulled. This action activates a disarming pin and "drops" the pepper spray canister within the body of the phone, or other camouflaged device, rendering it useless until re-armed. In addition, the spray also screams at a piercing 130dB sound level to further discourage the criminal and scare him away. A quick shot of the spray itself renders the criminal temporarily helpless for about 30 minutes. Pepper spray is a 100 percent organic, environmentally safe substance made from cayenne peppers, according to experts.
 For those travelers using the airlines, airline safety regulations forbid them to carry pepper spray on their person or in carry-on luggage, but it may be packed in checked luggage. If it is kept in a traveler's pocket or carry-on bag, the X-ray machine will discover it and attendants will not let the traveler pass through with it. Although legislation is pending, pepper sprays are still illegal in Wisconsin and California (without a permit), so this should be considered if travelers pass through either of these locations.
 This is one of the first consumer products to be announced by Defenders Network, which also provides safety products for law enforcement agencies worldwide. In fact, the company developed Hidden Edge with input from people on the front lines of crime, including police, enforcement agencies and rape counseling centers.
 "Today's traveler needs peace of mind," concluded Julinot. "We recommend that a traveler to any strange area ask around among his associates, or at his local hotel, for advice about the dynamics of any new neighborhood to help avoid inviting trouble. But even safe neighborhoods are prone to problems, and if someone looks lost or like a 'tourist' the criminal element targets them as a source for cash or other valuables. Even a rental car sends certain signals 'out' that make us vulnerable. We have created Hidden Edge products to help a traveler enjoy his trip with safety in mind."
 Defenders Network safety devices, invented in Mobile, Ala., will be available in the "disguise" of choice later this year at an average cost of under $50. The company also manufactures personal alarms for less than $30 and car alarms that lock into the cassette slot of a car stereo for under $40.
 Consumers may call 800-513-1984 for information on where to purchase Hidden Edge.
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 /NOTE TO EDITOR: For photos, product diagrams or other travel safety information, contact Cindy Olson, The Morgan Group Public Relations, 212-675-6665./
 /CONTACT: Cindy Olson, The Morgan Group Public Relations, 212-675-6665, for Defenders Network/

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