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Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss. The Unbreakable Code (Bk. #2, The Book Scavenger series). Henry Holt, 2017. 368p. $16.99. ISBN: 9781627791168. Grades 3-7. Emily, Matthew, and James, members of Book Scavenger (a book hide-and-hunt game), recently helped its founder, Mr. Griswold, find a previously unknown Poe manuscript, which is being published. Since they discovered it, Mr. Griswold is honoring them at the gala book release. While there, they notice Mr. Quisling, their unpleasant social studies teacher, acting strangely. Did he really just steal something out of someone's purse? Why is he there anyway? Is he a Book Scavenger, too?

Meanwhile, a series of suspicious fires seem to be connected to the game, their teacher, and an unbreakable code from the past. Is Mr. Quisling the arsonist? Or is it his ex-girlfriend? Why is he (or she) setting them? Why is Mr. Griswold acting so oddly? And what does a copy of Tom Sawyer have to do with all this? Can they figure out what's going on before someone really gets hurt? Includes back-of-the-book material.

Ellis, Sonia. Time Tilter. Tumblehome Learning, 2017. 234p. $10.95. ISBN: 9781943431311. Grades 4-7- Singer's parents, focused on winning, raise golden retrievers for extreme sports competitions. Singer is a disappointment--lame since birth, she can't compete alongside them, and her only friend is a golden retriever with a career-ending injury. Dublin's a great pet, but that's not what dogs are for, according to her parents. He's history. So Singer and Dublin run away, ending up, along with several other unwanted kids, enmeshed in the machinations of a mysterious gaming company,

Given a mind-altering drug after unspecified physical alterations are done on each of them, the kids are dumped into a gaming site called Time Tilter to make their way out (or not), all the while struggling with what has been done to them. Will they make it out before the drug side effects change them permanently? Or before the game kills them? Either is possible--and time is running out. Includes a secret website that unlocks additional material.

Kraatz, Jeramey. Space Runners: The Moon Patrol. Harper, 2017. 352p. $16.99. ISBN: 9780062445971. Grades 3-7. It's 2085 and Benny Love spends his days scavenging to help keep his family alive (when he's not taking his dune buggy out for a spin.) When he is chosen for a prestigious scholarship that includes a trip to the moon and a large sum of money once he comes back to Earth, he jumps at it. Once he gets back, things will be different for his family! No more going hungry, doing without water, or third-rate dune buggy. Only the best will do for them!

But life on the moon isn't exactly what he expects, and there are dangers that no one knows about lurking around every corner. Will Benny make it back to Earth and his family? More importantly, will he and his teammates be able to work together to save the moon colony (and Earth, too)? If not, there will be no Earth--or family--to go back to.

Vickers, Elaine. Paper Chains. Harper, 2017. 287p. $16.99. ISBN: 9780062414342. Grades 3-7. Although Katie and Ana have been friends for four months, ever since Katie moved in next door, they're keeping secrets from each other. Katie, who's always known she was adopted, is starting to wonder about her Russian birth family. But Ana doesn't even know Katie is adopted! She also doesn't know that Katie had a heart transplant as a child, which is why Katie's mom worries so much.

Meanwhile, Ana has hatched a desperate plan to convince her hockey player dad (who left the family for his career) to come home. Her mom, sad and lonely, has asked her dad's Russian mom to come live with them for a while to help out (and maybe coax her son to come back to his family). But she's odd, her cooking is terrible, and it's more than Ana can bear (or talk about). Friendship requires truth. Are they brave enough to tell each other?
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