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This fall's Networld+Interop show in Atlanta featured a variety of products for both enterprises and service providers. Our Editors' Choice winners represent our top six picks from N+I.

Scalable antivirus cluster

INTERCONNECT MULTIPLE SECURITY SERVER SYSTEMS to form a scalable security server cluster. StoneBeat SecurityCluster is a generic, scalable clustering and high-availability solution for content-scanning servers. Security-Cluster is available for Trend Micro's Interscan VirusWall and Finjan's SurfinGate, connecting multiple virus walls to form a scalable content-scanning cluster. The machines act as a single high-capacity security server, providing performance increases, scalability, flexibility and 100% uptime. New nodes can be added to the cluster at any time, without taking existing nodes offline. Dynamic load balancing ensures that network traffic is distributed evenly among all nodes in the cluster. Automatic failure detection and redundancy features guarantee that corporate content-scanning solutions are always online. A Java-based GUI provides monitoring capabilities of multiple StoneBeat sites, and allows control over which nodes are active. All control connections with StoneBeat modules are encrypted and authenticated using SSL to prevent unauthorized access.--Stonesoft Circle 326 for more information

Stackable Layer 3 switch

POWERFUL 64 Gbps SWITCHING FABRIC delivers high performance and reliability in this high-density switch. The Keystone48mg switch combines 48 Layer-3 Fast Ethernet ports with up to two Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports for either copper or fiber. It can be used as a standalone solution or act as master to a three-unit stack, with up to 96 fully managed 10/100 ports using Capstone24t and Capstone8f slave units. Custom-designed chips and software, as well as an 8 Gbps connection between each slave unit, ensure full wire-speed, nonblocking performance on all ports, even under sustained maximum traffic loads. Administrators can configure options, such as wire-speed IP routing, VLANs and quality-of-service traffic classes to eliminate traditional routers, set priorities for diifferent types of network traffic and keep bandwidth-intensive applications under control. The switch can be managed with a command line interface, Web browser or any SNMP management system.--Network Peripherals Circle 327 for more information

IP DSL multiplexer

HIGH-SPEED BROADBAND INTERNET, virtual private network and remote LAN services can be offered with the IPD 12000 IP DSL Access Multiplexer. It is a native IP packet-based DSLAM designed for high-speed IP data transport in a compact, fully fault-tolerant chassis Redundant 10/100, T1/E1 uplink interface modules, dual redundant multiplexer uplink modules and redundant -48V DC or AC power supplies offer exceptional reliability A total of 12 access modules provide up to 144 DSL or T1/E1 lines. IPacket technology removes the complexity of ATM and frame relay from this portion of the network, reduces administration and configuration costs, and regains bandwidth that previously was used for transport overhead. The DSLAM features AutoIP architecture with tools to simplify the deployment and management of IP broadband services. The compact NEBS compliant chassis is only nine rack-units high and mounts in both 19" and 23" equipment racks.--Net To Net Technologies Circle 334 for more information

Fiber-optic test kits

RUGGED FIBEROPTIC TEST SETS offer everything needed to ensure solid connections. The FTI Basic and FTI Pro packages include easy-to-use fiber testers that test multimode fiber at 850nm and 1,300nm wavelengths. The kits contain a FT120 multimode fiber inspection scope with 200x magnification for inspecting fiber end-faces. Also included in both kits is an in-depth, 224-page fiber-optic reference guide, and all necessary test accessories. The basic kit has the FTK100 tester, and is best for use in simpler test environments that do not require automated recording of test data. The pro kit uses the FTK200 tester that is capable of storing results for up to 500 fiber tests, has a single port for both output wavelengths and can upload data to a PC. These standalone fiber test tools feature a rugged design to ensure equipment uptime and include a hard-shell carrying case.--Fluke Networks Circle 332 for more information

Platform management

AUTOMATIC LINUX UPDATES simplify management tasks Red Hat Network is an Internet-based service for deploying and managing open source platforms, including the Linux 7 operating system. It features customizable alerts, update management and technical support to improve system administrator productivity and enhance the security, reliability and performance of networked systems. Also included are security evaluation, notification and analysis services, a Web-based management interface, and automatic management of dependencies to assure system software compatibility.--Red Hat Circle 337 for more information

Reusable cable modules

MODULAR WIRING SYSTEM simplifies installation and reconfiguration of network connections. The Datathing panel-to-panel cabling system is designed to simplify MACs, while providing high-performance network connectivity in modular furniture. Typical furniture systems are wired with home-run cables, requiring the entire cable to be pulled out and replaced when any changes are made. The Datathing cabling system saves on this material- and labor-intensive process by using a modular backbone that allows components to be easily reconfigured. Reusable connections can be plugged in during installation, and just as easily unplugged and reconnected when restructuring. The system uses an in-feed box, individual backbone cables and outlet taps. The three components have a one-way, snap-together feature that enables proper installation without the use of special tools.--Krone Circle 328 for more information

DNS server appliance

INCREASE CAPACITY and eliminate the need for installation and set-up work by using a server appliance for domain name administration. DNS One is a domain name service server appliance designed to work right out of the box with minimal setup required. The unit is 100% dedicated to domain name administration and includes a GUI with simple-to-use controls. Now domain administration duties can be performed by less specialized personnel. The server appliance is highly scalable and features redundant hardware and automatic failure reporting.--InfoBlox Circle 333 for more information

SAN management

ELIMINATE THE COMPLEXITY and vendor-specific limitations of existing storage area network (SAN) management products. SANavigator is a SAN management tool that provides a simple and scalable solution that can remotely monitor and manage SAN installations from anywhere in the world. It combines an automatic discovery engine with a visual topology display, allowing managers to review and analyze port utilization, and both physical and logical data paths. Modifying existing paths, creating new data path zones and redundant paths, and other management routines can be performed with a few mouse clicks. The status of SAN devices can be monitored from multiple locations at once with a simple-to-use Java-based console. Device-specific control software can be launched with a click on the device icon. Supporting all Windows platforms, Solaris, and Linux, SANavigator provides a vendor- and platform-independent SAN management application with full SMTP messaging support.--Connex Circle 336 for more information

Systematic network testing

SERVICE QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM helps deliver high levels of network availability and reliability. NetAlly provides network maintenance, diagnosis, fault preventions and detection, and performance management. It uses an active approach based on systematic, multistep and programmable self-testing procedures that can detect potential network and application problems before they affect network users. It supports a range of transport mediums and applications, including e-commerce, IP telephony, VPNs, frame relay, DSL, streaming media and wireless. The system includes a knowledge-management database and replicates the experience of network professionals, creating a central repository for all testing and diagnostic scripts. The system helps administrators to quickly determine application vs. network problems, achieve higher network quality of service and ensure compliance with service-level agreements. Options are available to expand the testing capabilities beyond the firewall and include the network demilitarized zone, extranet or the Internet.--Omegon Circle 338 for more information

VPN service

POINT AND CLICK VPN SERVICES expand network accessibility without the need for additional hardware. OpenReach TrueSpan Services 2.0 now includes self-provisioning, managed virtual private network services that work with any combination of Internet access technologies and equipment. The new version includes integrated VPN, firewall and router functionality into a single package that works on standard PCs rather than proprietary hardware. The capabilities are implemented as open-source software running on a standard PC connected to the company LAN. Installation is performed automatically from the OpenReach website. The secure Internet connects utilize IPSec ESP tunnels with 168-bit 3 DES encryption to ensure security. Additional features include IP address sharing, Web-based administration, 24x7 monitoring and alerting, real-time network status, weekly accounting reports, and a 24x7 call center for assistance.--OpenReach Circle 342 for more information

Enterprise caching

SQUEEZE MORE PERFORMANCE from existing frame relay connections. The Accelerator 2700 uses caching technology to increase WAN performance from 100% to 400% across all applications and users, The 2700 can accelerate up to 28 permanent virtual circuits, and is ideal for remote office locations with up to 512 kbps WAN connections. Unlike Web caching that only speeds up HTTP traffic, the Accelerator 2700 increases the performance of all network traffic, including Citrix, ERP, VoIP and legacy mainframe connections. It only takes a few minutes to install the unit between the router and the WAN. The 2700 will automatically detect other Accelerator units in the network and speed up permanent virtual circuits with them. All other traffic is transparently bypassed. When new applications are implemented, the Accelerator does not require any reconfiguration to immediately gain increased performance. Utilizing a flash module, all upgrades to the Accelerator 2700 can be performed remotely.--Expand Networks Circle 329 for more information

Out-of-band console access

DEVICE MANAGEMENT via an out-of-band solution ensures administrators access to network equipment, regardless of the status of the main network. The RAS 2000 provides an out-of-band device-management solution to provide control when the network is down. Access to managed device console ports through the RAS 2000 can be performed using Telnet or the secure shell protocol. Up to 16 Telnet connections allow multiple users to access devices simultaneously. The unit also supports dial-in PPP connections through an attached modem. An easy-to-use Web browser interface simplifies configuration, and multiple RAS 2000 units can be connected together to share one inbound modem. The RAS 2000 has up to 64 ports in a 19"x13"x4U chassis.--Computone Circle 339 for more information

Data management

NDMP COMPLIANT data-management system features improved scalability, availability and broadened platform support. NetWorker 6.0 is a data-protection solution that provides the ability to scale seamlessly in heterogeneous storage environments using direct-attached, network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks. It is fully compliant with the open standard network data management protocol, and will support backup and restore of NAS servers to local or remotely attached tape libraries. It delivers live, serverless, LAN-free backup when using Legato Celestra power agents, allowing backup and restore operations at any time, without impacting LAN or application performance. Tape-management operations can be centralized by allowing a tape library to be shared between a NetWorker server and one or more storage nodes. The file index has been redesigned to use 20% to 40% less space, and the time to perform common index-management tasks has been dramatically decreased. Cross-platform browse-and-recover capabilities allow Unix systems to browse NT/ W2K backups and recover those backups to an NT system that has NetWorker installed, and vice versa. NetWorker 6.0 supports a wide range of clustering products, and now supports the Linux operating system as a NetWorker server, storage node and client. NetWorker 6.0 also supports Windows NT/2000, NetWare and a wide variety of Unix operating systems.--Legato Systems Circle 330 for more information

Power management

VERTICALLY MOUNTED POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT has current monitoring and power capacity planning capabilities. The MasterSwitch VM gives IT managers the ability to remotely reboot, control and manage the AC current draw, and set alarm thresholds at the outlet level, helping to avoid overload conditions that can cause downtime. It saves rack space, eases installation and improves power cord management by moving the power controller to the rear beam of the rack enclosure. The 6' high polestyle form factor offers 16 outlets, eight switched and eight always on. The product is 20 ampere hardwire capable, and features a user-definable load sensor, so if the load exceeds the threshold users will be notified via audible and visual LCD alerts. It offers relay-controlled AC outlets that can be accessed via a Web page or by traditional communication protocols, such as SNMP, modem and Telnet. The unit also has the ability to be daisy chained with an additional MasterSwitch expansion unit, giving up to 16 outlets that can be controlled and monitored remotely. Managers can configure the unit to account for high inrush currents, and can turn off outlets that are not in use, thus avoiding an overload situation that can occur when spare outlets are loaded from unknowing users.--American Power Conversion Circle 335 for more information

Web-caching appliance

REDUCE WEB PAGE LOAD TIMES and increase Web-user satisfaction. The AppCelera ICX is a standalone Internet appliance that employs advanced content compression, transformation and caching techniques to accelerate the performance of mission-critical enterprise, e-business and e-commerce Web applications. It optimizes both dynamic and static content all the way to the user's desktop, improving the end-user experience and reducing server resource and bandwidth demands. AppCelera ICX can dynamically determine remote access speed, device type, browser brand and version. It then uses this information to serve content appropriate for that Web application session. Designed specifically for enterprise and Internet data center environments, the unit uses only 1U of rack space and transparently installs in-line in front of Web servers using 10/1 O0 Mbps Ethernet interfaces. In the event of a system failure, the AppCelera becomes a transparent wire, allowing continued access to Web applications.--Packeteer Circle 341 for more information

Network management

EFFECTIVELY IMPLEMENT QUALITY-OF-SERVICE policies across an entire network. QoSDirector is a fully integrated central policy-management system for the QoSWorks network management platform. The software allows large enterprises to configure, monitor, set policies and optimize network traffic via a single, centralized solution. Combined with QoSWorks management hardware installed in remote locations, QoSDirector runs on the Sun Solaris platform and supports SNMP Version 3 for authentication, authorization and encryption of all control instructions. The system minimizes the need for technicians to visit remote locations each time there is a policy change, requires absolutely no reconfiguration of other network elements to install, and ensures policies are implemented accurately in all parts of the network. Quality-of-service and traffic-management settings that can be managed include Web caching, TCP rate shaping, class-based queuing, packet-size optimization and bandwidth allocation. Advanced policy-setting functions include the ability to create groups of classes that can be managed together, allocation of burst bandwidth to allow applications to borrow excess bandwidth when it is available and minimum bandwidth per connection within a class. An intuitive GUI allows users to set policies to be enforced at all times or during specified times of the day or week, and permits administrators to monitor bandwidth utilization by application.--Sitara Networks Circle 331 for more information
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