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 MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- NetStar Inc. today announced the introduction of the NetStar GigaRouter(TM), a new high performance networking system incorporating switching technology, internetwork routing, and support for multiple high performance network media.
 The GigaRouter is the industry's first switched router supporting multiple media with speeds from 100 million bits per second to near 1 billion bits per second. The combination of high speed switching, routing, and a variety of media connections provides migration flexibility and growth capacity in high performance networks.
 "For high performance users contemplating migration to new network technologies, the GigaRouter is the ideal product," said NetStar president Douglas Pihl. "The GigaRouter's support of existing technologies, such as HIPPI and FDDI, guarantees that users can continue to use their existing networks for as long as they need them. GigaRouter support of new technologies, such as ATM and SONET, provides the path into future networks, and the migration is as simple as adding new media cards."
 A media independent switch is at the core of the GigaRouter. This switch is based on gallium arsenide technology and currently provides 16 ports. Each port provides up to one gigabit per second bandwidth. Enhanced models to be introduced in 1994 will feature extended configurations of up to 64 ports. The switch is a non-blocking crosspoint switch, allowing all ports to sustain maximum bandwidth concurrently with no degradation.
 The GigaRouter design supports connections to multiple standard network technologies. The configurations introduced today support interfaces to HIPPI hosts, peripherals, or switches. Interfaces to FDDI and ATM/SONET are scheduled for introduction in 1994. Data transfers will be supported between the same media, such as HIPPI to HIPPI, or between different media, such as FDDI to ATM/SONET.
 The GigaRouter supports IP routing for inter-networking to other networks or network routers. Routing functions are distributed between individual media port cards, and a routing manager processor. IP address look-up operations are performed on each port card to provide high packet rates. The routing manager processor interfaces to other network routers and supports a variety of internetworking protocols including RIP, OSPF, BGP and EGP.
 "The media independent nature of the GigaRouter's switch and the ability to route between different media allows us to support today's network technologies and those that will be introduced in the future," said John Mullaney, NetStar's director of engineering. "This allows future support of new media we don't even know about today with the same product architecture."
 The GigaRouter's switching, routing and multiple media interfaces provide a number of potential applications for high performance network users, such as a network backbone, a workstation cluster interconnect, or a wide area network gateway.
 Large configurations of up to 64 ports will allow GigaRouters to be configured not just as network backbones or gateways, but as the network itself. High performance switched HIPPI or FDDI networks provide a performance upgrade to users currently using ring or bus based networks without sacrificing their existing host interfaces. The GigaRouter's routing functions add internetworking capability without requiring the purchase of an additional router.
 The GigaRouter can be rack mounted in a single 19-inch standard rack or cabinet. It features hot swappable port cards and dual redundant power supplies for increased network availability. Ethernet and RS232 interfaces provide remote access and diagnosis capabilities.
 NetStar Inc. is a supplier of high performance networking products worldwide. Founded in 1990, it is headquartered in Minneapolis and is privately held.
 GigaRouter is a trademark of NetStar, Inc.
 NetStar, Inc., is a privately held company based in Minneapolis, specializing in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced high performance computer networking products. NetStar's mission is to develop the most flexible and highest performance computer networking products available with support for a variety of standard networking media. Corporate objectives are to:
 -- Lead the industry in computer network performance
 -- Support multiple high speed media standards, including HIPPI, FDDI, ATM and SONET
 -- Support multiple communications protocols, including TCP/IP
 NetStar began operations in May 1992.
 The founders and key management of NetStar come primarily from three sources: 1) Cray Research, Inc., the leader in high performance computing, 2) Network Systems Corp., the pioneering company in high performance networks, and 3) Lee Data, a successful company in the computer workstation and communications industry. The management team brings an average of 23 years experience in high performance computing and communications.
 Since May 1992, NetStar has added former employees of Cray Research, Network Systems, Honeywell Avionics, Unisys, Crescendo Communications, CPT, LaserMaster, and the Minnesota Supercomputer Center to its engineering, manufacturing, software, marketing and finance functions.
 The Product:
 NetStar offers high performance networking products for supercomputers, minisupercomputers, and high performance workstations. The NetStar GigaRouter, NetStar's first products, was introduced in November 1993. The GigaRouter is a media independent high speed network router.
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