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Netilla Networks, Inc., a provider of SSL VPN and secure application access management solutions, has formed a sales and marketing partnership with PfN Technologies, Inc. PfN provides an IPSec-based VPN that incorporates policy enforcement and service management capabilities. Through this collaboration, Netilla and PfN will help ensure that their customers can easily enforce security policies across their VPN deployments -- whether IPSec or SSL.

The Netilla Security Platform serves as a policy enforcement point for SSL VPNs, by establishing dynamic trust-based access to applications via Netilla's dynaTRUST policy-enforcement operating system. But enforcing enterprise security policies for IPSec-based VPNs has traditionally been a challenge, since they operate at the network-layer and typically grant remote users full network access. PfN's WirePower VPN overcomes that challenge by allowing administrators to define granular access policies for each user at each location.

As part of their agreement, Netilla and PfN will collaborate on a range of marketing activities such as trade shows, webinars and joint customer development efforts.

"Our agreement with PfN recognizes that while today's enterprises deploy both IPSec-based and SSL-based VPNs to connect remote offices and users, they have the same critical need to enforce security policies," said Bryan Bain, vice president of marketing and corporate development at Netilla Networks. "Now, the combination of PfN's strong policy-enforcement features with Netilla's dynaTRUST capabilities will permit highly granular access and powerful authentication and authorization -- for SSL or IPSec users."

"We believe that IPSec- and SSL-based VPNs are complementary in many ways, which is why our relationship with Netilla makes sense," said Jay Coburn, vice president of market development at PfN. "For example, IPSec is often used for remote connectivity to branch offices across wide-area networks, while SSL VPN is more useful for individual remote access. We now have the flexibility to serve as an enterprise policy enforcement point (PEP) in either environment."

The Netilla Security Platform enables companies to securely extend their enterprise networks to any authorized user via standard Web browsers. The Netilla Security Platform combines three secure application access modes: browser-based access to client-server applications (Windows, UNIX, Linux or mainframe), Web-based and Intranet applications, and network-layer access over an SSL tunnel. Netilla's dynaTRUST operating system enforces enterprise security policies and provisions trust-based access to network resources on the basis of four key variables: a user's identity, entitlements, environment and client integrity.

PfN's WirePower VPN appliance enables both site-to-site and remote access VPN applications and can connect a company's regional offices, corporate headquarters and satellite/home offices. The high-end WirePower M1000 delivers industry standard IPSec technology, 1000 simultaneous virtual VPN tunnels, and AES or 3DES encryption at up to 89 Mbps. PfN's WirePower Policy Management Console is a Java-based, easy-to-use graphical interface that lets customers centrally manage all aspects of their VPN -- including defining site policy, enrolling and enabling site resources and managing discrete site appliances.

About PfN Technologies

PfN Technologies, Inc. (PfN), founded in 1995, designs, develops and markets IP service management technology that automates the provisioning of secure connections, routing, and other services based on business rules. The WirePower product line combines security technology with management software to deliver their IP VPN solution. PfN's state-of-the-art products provide customers with next generation VPN functionality that delivers cost-effective network security while dramatically decreasing the complexity of managing their VPNs. PfN Technologies can be found on the World Wide Web at

About Netilla Networks

Netilla Networks, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-class secure remote access and application access management solutions. The Netilla family of SSL VPN appliances gives organizations the power to make their mission-critical applications and resources instantly available to employees and trusted partners anywhere via standard Web browsers, while safeguarding internal networks. Netilla's dynaTRUST policy-enforcement operating system provisions dynamic trust-based access to network resources on the basis of four key variables: a user's identity, entitlements, environment and client integrity. Compared to traditional VPN technologies, the Netilla Security Platform is a versatile, simple and quick-to-deploy solution that lowers the total cost of remote access security management. Netilla's products are available through a worldwide network of value-added resellers.

Netilla can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 732/652-5241.
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