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Netformx ITS InfoCom has successfully implemented Netformx ChannelXpert to automate the process of capturing reward dollars, adhering to discount-based incentives, ensuring compliance, and tracking employee certifications.

ITS InfoCom is a multinational company that designs and provides integrated information technology and communication solutions to enhance the activities and business of its customers. The company provides solutions and services to Latin American service providers as well as large enterprises. ITS InfoCom supports its customers across the entire lifecycle, providing assessment, design, implementation, and then ongoing network monitoring and other services.

With Netformx ChannelXpert, ITS InfoCom has gained a powerful tool to efficiently and proactively manage their promotions, deals, certifications, and usage. Productivity has increased significantly and insights have been provided into many business-affecting areas that could not be managed effectively beforehand. Instead of occasional, inconsistent spreadsheet analyses, ChannelXpert through prescriptive analytics provides actionable data in easy- to-use dashboards that make efficient use of executive time and enable ITS InfoCom to uncover hidden profits that improve their margins and thus help them to price competitively and delight their customers. With ChannelXpert, ITS InfoCom can efficiently manage their business, optimize rebates before booking orders, influence designer actions and behaviors, manage their deal register at a glance, use alerts to proactively manage certifications, and increase productivity by automating manual tasks. ITS InfoCom is a Cisco Gold Partner. The ITS InfoCom case study is available for more details on the benefits experienced.

Netformx enables solution providers to increase their profitability more than 1% by reducing time-to-quote 80% and reducing implementation error rates by 99%. The Netformx ecosystem enables solution providers to win more deals and successfully implement technology solutions while maximizing profitability. Netformx ChannelXpert drives profitability with automated supply chain and incentive program management. ChannelXpert benefits include efficient and cost-effective vendor promotion management and automated monitoring, management, and up-keep of employee certifications. ITS InfoCom benefits have included efficient and proactive management of promotions, deals, certifications, and usage. Productivity has increased significantly, providing insights into many business- affecting areas that could not be managed effectively beforehand.

Using Netformx award-winning solutions, over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries design and sell winning and implementable multivendor solutions while operating their businesses profitably.

Netformx ChannelXpert has greatly enhanced our productivity. We can do our work faster and with fewer errors, said Adriana Loria Arroyo, Corporate Alliances & Strategy Director at ITS InfoCom. And by increasing our rebate and reward incentives our margins have improved, helping us to lower prices. This has made us more competitive. We have achieved a quick return on our investment.

Companies like ITS InfoCom are uncovering hidden profits in their enterprise network sales processes by proactively managing their sales using Netformx ChannelXpert's powerful prescriptive analytics and business insights, said Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx. ChannelXpert provides solution providers a centralized place to proactively manage their business and increase their profitability through clearer insight into their deals, sales, rebates, and discounts.

About Netformx

Netformx accelerates cloud and telecom solution provider profits with powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes. Using Netformx award- winning solutions our customers design and sell winning and implementable multivendor solutions demanded by enterprises across the globe, while operating their businesses profitably.

Netformx has over 2,000 service provider, systems integrator, and technology vendor customers in more than 120 countries including AT&T, Bell Canada, CDW, Cisco, Dimension Data, HP, Insight, Juniper, Orange Business Services, Sprint, and Telstra. Our comprehensive KnowledgeBase contains client and vendor products, services, and program compliance data from vendors such as Cisco, Brocade, EMC, Juniper, Avaya, APC, Belden, Jabra, and Riverbed.

For more information, visit or call 408/423-6619.
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Date:Jan 1, 2016

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