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NESBITT: I'LL NEVER TAKE DRUGS AGAIN; Cheating actor vows to stay clean after cocaine romp.


IRISH actor James Nesbitt has vowed never again to take drugs after claims of cocaine-fuelled sex with a secretary.

The star, best known for playing loveable Adam Williams in TV comedy Cold Feet, cheated on his wife while high.

But he said: "It was an aberration. I don't do drugs. I work constantly. I couldn't have a drugs habit - I would die."

Nesbitt, 40, once described his actress wife Sonia Forbes-Adam as "extremely strong" for having him back despite the alleged affair three years ago with legal secretary Dawn Chapman. This followed allegations he had a year-long affair with former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker when Sonia was pregnant.

But his career is now moving up a level, with a big screen role in Woody Allen movie Match Point, and starring in the third series of BBC crime drama Murphy's Law.

Nesbitt, from Coleraine, Co Derry, claims to have finished dabbling in the drugs that could have ended his marriage and damaged his career - but he refuses to quit booze.

He said: "Just because I drink doesn't mean that I don't have self-control. I hate using that as an excuse because I don't want to absolve myself from responsibility.

"There are plenty of times in my life when I've been drinking and nothing has happened."

But in January last year, he was caught getting intimate with 17-year-old Sam Price in his hotel room at the Dartford Bridge Hilton.

He said they did not have sex but confessed he had been so drunk he couldn't remember "exactly" what had happened.

Nesbitt said afterwards: "I never realised the girl was a prostitute, not until right at the end. I've acted in an idiotic fashion."

The star said turning 40 in January was a "benchmark" in his life. He also quit smoking on December 6 last year - a day chosen by his seven-year-old daughter Peggy.

He said: "I stopped suddenly and, despite occasional lapses, I've stuck to it." Nesbitt and his wife, who still smokes, have had hypnosis sessions together to beat the habit.


U-TURN: James Nesbitt
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 16, 2005
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