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NEPA president sums up state-of-the-industry.

Robert K. Jenkins, president of the Newsletter & Electronic Association, recently told NL/NL his opinion of the health and challenges characterizing our industry.

"I think the tone and optimism during the NEPA December Marketing Conference was the best indicator that we are heading toward better times for the industry. It's been about three years of a challenging newsletter economy--for some but not all newsletter publishers," he said.

"What I keep hearing is that ancillaries--the "one shots--are working well, and that's been my own experience. Audio conferences have helped pump money in and offset slow newsletter subscription sales. It may be that the information business is changing. What and how we deliver may be changing."

"And, it may really be a different situation from newsletter market to market. That is to say that because we all cover such different industries or slices of industries, some of us are still doing well in the niches.

"The most telling piece of information, I believe, is NEPA's new marketing survey results: 64.3 of survey participants said they are projecting increased revenues in the next 12 months.

"Among the continuing threats are the fax regulations, the confusion over what we can and can't do. E-mail marketing is threatened by the overwhelming amount of spam. This is a situation where we, NEPA, actually welcome federal law that may serve to eliminate some of the onerous e-mail practices today.

"Economists all seem to agree that the economy is rebounding well; only job growth is lagging. A growing economy is certainly good for our business," Jenkins said.
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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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