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NEPA opposes new Do-Not-E-Mail list.

"A national Do-Not-E-Mail Registry is unnecessary and would give no additional protection from serial, fraudulent spammers above what is already provided in the federal CAN-SPAM Act," the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association has argued to the Federal Trade Commission.

"Thus, the most likely effect of a Do-Not-E-Mail Registry would be simply to burden unnecessarily legititmate businesses and constitutional speech interests without stopping problematic spam," NEPA wrote in comments submitted to the FTC and signed by Tom Hagy, chairman of NEPA's Legal and Government Affairs Committee and vice president and general manager of Lexis-Nexis, Mealey Publications and Conference Group.

The comments were drafted by NEPA's legal counsel.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Apr 16, 2004
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