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Yob leaves girl, 6, injured in road after mowing her down. May 31, 2022 418
Sex predator bit woman's breast in vile street attack; pervert targeted young women. Apr 15, 2022 451
Dad admits throwing his baby on bed; HE CLAIMED CHILD HAD SEIZURE. Mar 12, 2022 492
'I only meant to protect myself' accused says connor brandished knife. Nov 11, 2021 691
Abuser walks free because he's 'not the same man' brain injury means jail term is suspended. Nov 10, 2021 387
News Woman may never recover from bully's sickening attack; 'why are you making me do this' yelled abusive thug. Nov 5, 2021 456
Self-defence claim as teenage boys go on trial for murder; connor, 23, stabbed to death in 'confrontation'. Oct 27, 2021 460
Woman feared she was going to die during rapist's attack; BEAST PAID HER FOR SEX ACT, THEN BATTERED HER. Oct 26, 2021 647
GUILTY: Killer dad and the mum who covered for his crimes; BABY ROBERT 'TAKEN FROM US IN THE PLACE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAFE'. Oct 26, 2021 565
Mum left kids at the mercy of sick abuser; children grew up without food, clothing or medical care. Oct 26, 2021 418
RAPIST HAD HISTORY OF SEX OFFENDING; Predator who brutally attacked woman had previously performed sex act while on bus. Oct 24, 2021 720
Thug avoids jail for biting victim's ear in family feud; SISTER'S EX WAS ATTACKED IN STORE CAR PARK. Oct 20, 2021 478
Brothers used family home to pack drugs; POLICE FOUND PS7K HAUL IN RAID. Oct 20, 2021 828
Council probe into rapists' attacks on vulnerable child; MUM FAILED TO PROTECT SON FROM EVIL PAIR. Oct 19, 2021 411
Thug tried to pay woman for sex then attacked her; SMUG CULPRIT CELEBRATES FREEDOM AS HE SPRINTS FROM CROWN COURT. Oct 19, 2021 599
paedophile walks free despite 1,000 child abuse images; Asperger's cannot be an excuse, says judge. Oct 17, 2021 736
DRUG-DRIVING MUM HANDED YET ANOTHER LAST CHANCE; Child would go into care, court is told as woman is spared jail yet again. Oct 17, 2021 826
Passer-by saves woman from clutches of rapist; judge hails heroic actions as he sends predator to jail. Oct 16, 2021 569
OAP brought Viagra pill to abuse 'girl', aged 12. Oct 15, 2021 520
Drunken thug's racism, biting and rape threats. Oct 14, 2021 459
Mum let her little boy fall victim to evil rapists despite police warning; four years' jail for child neglect. Oct 14, 2021 527
Church covered up priest's sex abuse of two altar boys. Oct 12, 2021 519
Alleged murderer 'jabbed partner in face with a bottle' victim found battered to death in flat. Oct 12, 2021 555
Bishop 'didn't report priest abuse claims to police' offender was moved to scotland after boy's dad complained. Oct 11, 2021 456
Mum's shopping sprees with crook's dirty cash; CYBERCRIME PROCEEDS WERE SPENT IN SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS. Oct 11, 2021 351
Man 'murdered mum of three then left toy by body'. Oct 8, 2021 523
Baby dreams of tragic hit & run victim Jennie; NHS WORKER'S WIDOW TELLS OF HER HEARTACHE. Oct 7, 2021 400
ONE YEAR in prison for leaving 'shining' Jennie dying in road; DRIVER IN A RUSH CAUSED FATAL HEAD INJURIES. Oct 6, 2021 486
Dad's PS500 bid to cheat driving test; court told man paid another to sit theory exam for him. Oct 5, 2021 421
'Driver's selfish choices took our Adam away from us' Mum speaks at sentencing of man driving car in which her son was killed. Oct 3, 2021 718
Rage in court as depraved pervert is jailed; 26-year-old convicted for sickening abuse of boy. Oct 2, 2021 601
Drugged-up pervert sent sick picture to 'boy of 12'. Oct 2, 2021 414
Drink-driver killed Adam, 19, in horror 100mph smash; MAN JAILED FOR NINE YEARS OVER DEATH CRASH. Oct 1, 2021 565
Would-be rapist jailed for attack on teen girl; man took advantage of fact girl was drunk in historical case. Sep 29, 2021 365
Woman's ex is locked up after brutal attacks. Sep 29, 2021 517
Sinister threat of jailed domestic abuser; THUG HURLED VASE AT FIANCEE AFTER EURO 2020 FINAL. Sep 29, 2021 549
Ex-gang thug badly hurt in bike smash; ONE-TIME DRUG DEALER PLOUGHED INTO WOMAN'S CAR. Sep 28, 2021 615
MAN IS SPARED PRISON AFTER VICIOUS ATTACK; Victim leaves court with boyfriend. Sep 26, 2021 862
daughter had no knowledge of crime spree; Woman banked cash for robber dad and said she feels 'gullible and angry'. Sep 26, 2021 769
Dad dumped pile of rubbish and asbestos at allotment site; he had previously been evicted from the allotments. Sep 22, 2021 464
Man begs victim not to report him after drunken sex assault; 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME' HE TELLS WOMAN IN TEXT MESSAGE. Sep 21, 2021 787
Six children forced to live in this filthy house likened to a Victorian slum; JUDGE DEMANDS TO KNOW WHY SOCIAL SERVICES DIDN'T ACT. Sep 20, 2021 1109
Carer stole PS7K from 87-year-old woman and blew it on gambling and sportswear; betrayed victim considered mum-of-two 'a genuine friend'. Sep 18, 2021 630
Mum batters her ex's new partner with crutch on wedding week; ALSO BROKE HER VICTIM'S MOTHER'S ARM. Sep 18, 2021 745
Paedo told 'mum' that he wanted to rape her daughters; dad's sickening chats with undercover cop. Sep 18, 2021 641
Russian man with PS500k linked to drug gang in Spain; 'prince charles' is unknown handler. Sep 17, 2021 896
'Cowardly bully' broke partner's eye socket and threw paint at her. Sep 16, 2021 847
KFC groper accused his victim of racism after sexual assault. Sep 15, 2021 534
High-risk sex offender began dating mum of three girls in breach of order; PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED FOR SEXUALLY ABUSING GIRL OF 15, AND STALKING. Sep 14, 2021 617
married dad's sick plan for girl, 13; Pervert suggested 'girl' should be his 'friend with benefits'. Sep 12, 2021 556
'Only death will stop me from being a paedophile' GRANDAD CONFRONTED BY GROUP AFTER SICK CHATS WITH 'GIRLS'. Sep 11, 2021 735
Courtroom closed over accused's 'Covid claim' man 'planned to cough everywhere'. Sep 9, 2021 506
Cycle thief used angle grinder to threaten woman; 'BRAZEN' ROBBER HAD TOOL TO CUT BIKE LOCK. Sep 7, 2021 722
Nurse lost his family over child abuse pics; BUT PERVERT IS SPARED JAIL FOR SHAMEFUL DOWNLOADS. Sep 4, 2021 550
Sick paedo attempted to blame girl for his attacks; BEAST JAILED FOR 16 YEARS AFTER JURY SEES THROUGH HIS LIES. Sep 4, 2021 402
Paramedic stole heart machines; THIEF TOOK LIVE-SAVING EQUIPMENT FROM AMBULANCE STATIONS. Sep 2, 2021 424
Mum stole Boots beauty products to pay for cocaine habit. Aug 20, 2021 848
Dad busted with nearly 190,000 dodgy cigarettes. Aug 20, 2021 462
News Fake fiance fled store with PS26k of jewellery. Aug 20, 2021 408
Dealer's role in massive cocaine plot; quarter of jail term cut as he admits conspiracy. Aug 20, 2021 443
'Clammy' masseur sexually assaulted 6 female clients; his 'sickened' victims described feeling 'terrified' and 'disgusted' as he groped them. Aug 19, 2021 783
Encrochat cocaine and heroin dealer had sideline selling covid testing kits; his use of children's initials as his passwords lead police to identify him. Aug 18, 2021 586
Sex predator 'deserves to be locked up' says teenage boy victim; three years for 'coward' who abused youngster. Aug 18, 2021 589
Man spared jail over machete rampage in bar. Aug 17, 2021 490
moment teen stabbed boys over football; Thug pulled out knife in broad daylight attack at dock. Aug 15, 2021 724
City centre attack left victim without his sense of smell; TEENS LEFT INNOCENT 22-YEAR-OLD LYING UNCONSCIOUS ON PAVEMENT. Aug 14, 2021 572
Racist thug's N-word rant as he slashed mum in front of her four-year-old girl; teen's mother shouted encouragement during vile assault. Aug 14, 2021 499
Thug dished out savage beating in 'straightener' over love triangle claim; COURT SHOWN VIDEO NASTY OF BRUTAL STREET BRAWL. Aug 12, 2021 355
Musician molested teenage friend as she slept; sex attacker walks free after judge accepts 'genuine remorse'. Aug 11, 2021 834
Shameful racist past of thug who bottled pensioner; ABUSED A SECURITY GUARD AND POLICE OFFICER IN MCDONALDS. Aug 2, 2021 476
Man forced his way into house before sexual assault; Victim's 'life ruined' by attacker who laughed at her and made threats as he left. Aug 1, 2021 718
Teenager and three men face trial for murder; 'life and soul' tommy suffered a serious head injury. Jul 31, 2021 272
Man smashed mug into partner's face, then said he'd have her shot if she went to the police; terrified victim said she felt her skin 'peel away' and feared she would be scarred for life. Jul 31, 2021 743
Jailed again: Serial drug farmer caught with crop worth PS73k at his home; previous convictions see dealer and grower back inside. Jul 28, 2021 424
Thug jailed for battering vulnerable woman after inviting her into his home; 48-year-old refused to let victim leave after attack. Jul 28, 2021 463
I spent my life looking over my shoulder, says survivor of monstrous child abuse; PERVERT JAILED, DECADES AFTER POLICE BRUSHED OFF REPORT. Jul 27, 2021 579
'Alarming' weapons haul found in man's bedroom; GUNS, KNUCKLEDUSTERS AND STUN-GUN ARE PART OF COLLECTION. Jul 26, 2021 822
Flatmate's secret stash of weapons discovered after row; Judge says Mee has a 'fascination' with arsenal. Jul 25, 2021 641
Dodgy dog breeder is spared jail; she made PS32k in lockdown ... but didn't have a licence. Jul 20, 2021 493
PAEDOPHILE BLAMES HIS 'ALTER-EGO' Man caught with images of abuse says another personality 'takes him over'. Jul 18, 2021 634
Rapist left woman wishing she was dead after series of sickening sex attacks; jailed monster has history of violence towards his ex-wife. Jul 17, 2021 447
Fraudster spared jail ... despite breaching her licence; CARER CROOK BACK IN COURT FOR SKIPPING PROBATION DUTIES. Jul 15, 2021 382
Dad and son in court accused of PS4.7m fraud; pair deny multiple charges involving several companies. Jul 15, 2021 439
News Mum helped her son to grow cannabis; farm in back garden was to help boy 'in trouble'. Jul 10, 2021 661
Mum 'took pics of courtroom' during burglary gang case; WOMAN HAD BEEN SPARED JAIL EARLIER IN DAY. Jul 9, 2021 498
Rapist back in jail for breach of order. Jul 8, 2021 786
Mum dealt drugs for her son from the family home. Jul 6, 2021 517
News They advised me to turn off Lee's life support ... the next day, he blinked; MUM DESCRIBES HORRIFYING IMPACT OF SMASH AS 90MPH DRIVER IS JAILED FOR SIX YEARS. Jul 5, 2021 628
'Petrol bombing fears' that led dad into a life of drug dealing; Father-of-two who was trying to clear debt is jailed. Jul 4, 2021 837
90mph driver ruined Lee's life on his 19th birthday. Jul 3, 2021 405
You're getting slashed to pieces, thug told ex; REPEAT OFFENDER JAILED FOR SICKENING CAMPAIGN OF TERROR. Jul 3, 2021 364
JAILED: Lying coward who mowed down cyclists and left them to die; DRIVER HIGH ON DRUGS KILLED TWO PARENTS IN HORROR 70MPH CRASH. Jun 25, 2021 952
Paedo used woman's picture to snare boys; hundreds of images of children found in raid. Jun 24, 2021 556
Men 'tried to murder each other in pub shooting' accused pair deny attempted murder. Jun 24, 2021 481
Teen whose uncle was stabbed to death made knife threat; judge said 19-year-old should know better as his uncle was murdered. Jun 23, 2021 673
Mother & daughter 'pressured' to use flat as drug den; both spared jail after amphetamine discovered. Jun 22, 2021 634
'Greedy' bingo cashiers stole PS183K from club. Jun 19, 2021 516
Bungling burglar smeared his blood around pub; hopeless crook snared after breaking into ma egerton's. Jun 19, 2021 395
Yob got stoned on his 18th birthday, then led cops on scooter chase; officers saw bike go through a red light. Jun 17, 2021 422
Man shared topless 'lookalike' picture of ex to spite her; victim 'mortified' by the image, which was also seen by her mum. Jun 17, 2021 663

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