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NEHA Establishes Center for Environmental Research and Training.

NEHA's mission is to advance the environmental health professional through education and training. This mission has many aspects, but a primary one is the availability of continuing education that supports the professional credentials offered through NEHA. In the past, our approach to continuing education has been to review and approve courses for member use. Although this practice will continue, NEHA is proud to announce that it is beginning to develop its own, up-to-date curriculum. NEHA's newly created Center for Environmental Research and Training (NEHA-CERT) will enhance the ability of environmental health professionals to earn continuing-education credits, and it will significantly expand the quantity and quality of the educational offerings available through NEHA.

The design of CERT is based on our understanding that the NEHA membership represents a very strong technical and educational resource. The mission is to identify areas in which members would benefit from additional educational programs and to assemble subject experts to collaborate in the development and delivery of those programs.

We also intend to supplement traditional classroom approaches by taking advantage of new technologies for distance-based learning and by developing courses that can be taken via home video or the Internet. CERT has a digital film studio at its disposal, as well as the ability to produce 35-millimeter slides and overhead transparencies to support classroom courses.

In addition to developing continuing-education programs for environmental health professionals, CERT plans to develop public-outreach materials that can be made available to qualified trainers and speakers delivering a variety of important messages. CERT is hosting a series of train-the-trainer programs to hone presentation skills. (One of these sessions will precede the annual NEHA conference in Atlanta on June 29, 2001.)

Another example of CERT's public-outreach efforts is work that will be conducted on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. During 2001, CERT will facilitate a network of public- and private-sector individuals to advance statewide awareness of radon and related indoor air quality issues. The network also will promote disclosure of radon concerns at the time of home sales and the use of radon-resistant techniques during the construction of homes.

The NEHA-CERT program will be operated under the Research and Development Program (managed by Larry Marcum). Direct oversight will be provided by Doug Kladder, who, as a subcontractor, has been administering NEHA's National Radon Proficiency Program. Mr. Kladder has now joined the NEHA staff as a program manager for CERT.
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