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NEHA 2010 AEC & exhibition.


NEHA held its 74th Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in the environmentally aware location of Albuquerque, New Mexico, during the first week of June. Once more, the event was very successful, judging by the 93% of survey respondents who said it either met or exceeded their expectations!

As a matter of culture, NEHA constantly looks for ways to be innovative, competitive, and contemporary. NEHA also strives to make its conferences valuable for conference attendees. In just the past two years, the NEHA AEC & Exhibition implemented new and novel programs. One program has succeeded in substantially greening the conference. Another succeeded in transforming the educational program into a much more interactive experience.

This year, NEHA introduced two additional innovations to the AEC & Exhibition. First, the conference was built within ROI principles--thereby insuring that attendees truly received their money's worth in the education and tools that they took away to implement on the job. Second, the conference this year featured, for the first time ever, a virtual component--thereby enabling those who could not attend the conference in Albuquerque the opportunity to access the education and even networking that the conference offered.

Conference attendees often need to justify their time, travel, and expense to attend a conference. By incorporating ROI principles into the conference design, NEHA allowed attendees to do just that! Survey responses indicated that over 50% of attendees felt that the AEC & Exhibition justified the cost of their attendance, while 85% of survey respondents believed the conference was relevant to their jobs!

It should be noted that the virtual conference event remains available to anyone. It can be accessed through NEHA's Web site.


NEHA is very grateful that such a prominent individual as Dr. Christopher T. Jones, superintendent, Center for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was able to step in and give the keynote presentation at the last minute. NEHA invited Administrator Lisa Jackson of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to deliver the conference keynote address, but developments associated with the response to the BP oil spill prevented her attendance. She did provide an inspiring message on video, which is available on the NEHA Web site. Dr. Jones provided a clear and visually impactful message on complicated issues of disaster response and terrorism. His presentation underscored the complexity of these issues along with the vital role that the environmental health community must play in these concerns.

General Assembly

Attendance at the General Assembly meeting was the best ever. NEHA President Welford Roberts gave a report on the status of our association, which highlighted the impressive turnaround by NEHA in difficult economic times. In addition, two individuals submitted their nomination materials for Second Vice President for next year's election: Carolyn Harvey and Michele Samarya-Timm. Managing Director Larry Marcum gave a presentation of the status of NEHA's grants and governmental affairs programs. The grants that NEHA receives are the largest ever in NEHA's history and our government affairs program is involved in more policy issues than ever.



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