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NEHA's Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition.

From June 26 to June 29, 2005, NEHA will host its Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in Providence, Rhode Island. Over 160 educational sessions will be presented at the conference, from terrorism and all-hazards preparedness to food safety and protection to onsite wastewater to indoor and ambient air quality to emerging pathogens. The list goes on. Members and nonmembers not only will have top-quality environmental and public health educational and networking opportunities, but also will have the chance to travel to a New England city known for its historic architecture.

Every year, NEHA's conference attendees are thrilled with the selection of educational sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, special events, and exhibitors. Listen to what attendees from last year's AEC in Anchorage had to say about the conference:
 WOW! What a conference NEHA put on in Anchorage.... The conference
 covered many interesting topics. This year a major topic was
 bioterrorism. Other topics included water and wastewater, food safety,
 swimming pools, air quality, solid waste, hazardous waste, GIS and
 technology, and many, many more. The great thing about the national
 conference is that there are so many different sessions with such
 varying topics to attend all week long. In addition to all the
 educational sessions, there were so many exhibitors showing their
 wares.... Serving as an affiliate president also got me involved in
 numerous meetings; some gave me an opportunity to voice concerns to
 NEHA and others to give NEHA ideas on how to best lobby for the EH
 professional in Washington.... I also want to encourage everyone to
 attend a future NEHA Annual Educational Conference. There is surely
 something of interest to anyone in the field at the conference and
 plenty of opportunities to complete CEU requirements (Kroeger, 2004,
 p. 2).
 Roy Kroeger, R.E.H.S.
 Past President of the Wyoming Environmental Health Association

 As is the case with many return trips, the 5,000 miles seemed like
 twice that coming back to Florida.... However, that is a small price
 to pay for what may very well be, for some FEHA members, the trip of a
 lifetime. National conferences such as the annual NEHA conference
 provide unique networking opportunities where FEHA members can obtain
 valuable resource information as well as ideas for ways to improve
 existing environmental health programs in Florida (Coulter, 2004, p.
 Edith Coulter, M.P.H.
 Florida Environmental Health Association

 The conference educational courses were excellent, and it was hard to
 choose what to attend. A CD with all of the courses on it was included
 in the registration packet and became very handy when schedules
 overlapped. No matter what your profession, this conference had
 something for you (Hoffman, 2004).
 Andrew Hoffman
 Missouri Milk, Food, & Environmental Health Association

 First of all, I have to say how great I thought the annual NEHA
 conference was. You all put together a terrific program--so much so
 that I had difficulty choosing between sessions. The exhibits were
 fantastic. The keynote speeches were great. I especially enjoyed
 Martin Buser's talk about teamwork. He was an excellent speaker. I
 could go on and on. What a great conference.
 Joanne Cox
 Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation

NEHA anticipates another successful AEC in the beautiful city of Providence. For more information about the upcoming conference in Providence, please visit


Coulter, E. (2004, September). Sunshine state in the land of the midnight sun: A report from the 2004 NEHA Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit in Anchorage, Alaska. Florida Journal of Environmental Health, 186, 23-26.

Hoffman, A. (2004, September). NEHA AEC report. Missouri Milk, Food, & Environmental Health Association September 2004 Newsletter.

Kroeger, R. (September 2004). NEHA AEC 2004. WEHA Newsletter, 3, 2.
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