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NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics display establishes new division to expand LCD offerings in medical market.

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc. has announced that it has established a new division within the company to expand its offerings in the global medical display market. Building on its current line of award-winning Professional "80" Series monitors for medical office information systems, the company will introduce the NEC MultiSync MD Series. This new line of medically certified high-resolution LCD color and grayscale monitors will deliver superior clinical viewing capabilities to the rapidly growing diagnostic imaging market.

"The current global market for diagnostic and PACS displays is expected to more than double by 2006," said T.J. Trojan, president and COO of NEC- Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc. "Because of the benefits of LCD technology--including improved image contrast and resolution, as well as smaller footprint, energy consumption and longer life span--healthcare providers are rapidly replacing outdated CRT monitors with LCD display systems. These systems deliver patients with leading-edge imaging diagnostics, and increased service efficiencies."

Since introducing the industry's first commercially available 20.1" LCD monitor in 1997, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America has advanced medical display solutions with its XtraView wide angle viewing technology and Ambix technology, which bridges the gap between analog and digital systems by allowing the same monitor to work seamlessly in either environment using a single DVI-I connector. In addition, NEC-Mitsubishi has partnered with many well-known medical equipment vendors and system bundlers including Richardson Electronics. The company will continue this work along with its new medically certified product offerings.

"NEC-Mitsubishi has been active with custom work in the medical market for a number of years, and we decided that now is the right time to expand our expertise to benefit the broader diagnostic imaging market," said Todd Fender, senior product manager at NEC-Mitsubishi. "Our medical customers have been telling us that health facilities increasingly require the advanced image quality and cost savings that our LCD technologies deliver, and we are eager to fulfill this need with the outstanding features of our MultiSync MD Series."

Available beginning spring 2004, the new NEC MultiSync MD monitor line will offer a 21.3" color 2-MegaPixel display and a 21.3" grayscale 3-MegaPixel display (summer 2004), followed soon after by a 21.3" color 3-MegaPixel display.

All new NEC-Mitsubishi medical products will include the enhanced features of black level adjustment, a function that allows for easy control of grayscale images for optimum pictures in most modes, and when switched to manual, is ideal for medical-specific uses such as X-ray photo viewers. A second key feature is GammaComp technology--internal circuitry that produces smooth, accurate color tones when integrating with PCs.

"Our MultiSync MD line combined with the Professional "80" Series delivers healthcare providers with a complete package of long-term benefits, including not only cost, space and integration efficiencies, but the improved image quality from our GammComp and black level adjustment capabilities," said Todd Fender. "NEC-Mitsubishi has a history of providing leading-edge solutions for emerging markets, and our entry into the medical display market further demonstrates our commitment to servicing growth industries with the most advanced LCD monitor technology available."
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Comment:NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics display establishes new division to expand LCD offerings in medical market.
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Date:Nov 3, 2003
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