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NEC sets world record for processing speed of server.

TOKYO, Aug. 22 Kyodo

NEC Corp. said Friday it has set a world record for the running speed of a computer server with its Intel Itanium processor-based TX7/i9510 model.

The 32-processor server runs at 171.61 GFLOPS or giga floating-point operations per second under a standard benchmark measurement called Linkpack-HPC, NEC said in a news release.

NEC said the processing speed is faster than any other computer server with 32 processors.

A GFLOP is equal to a billion floating-point operations per second. Floating-point operations include any operations that involve fractional numbers. Such operations, which take much longer to compute than integer operations, occur often in some applications.
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Title Annotation:with NEC TX7/i9510
Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
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Date:Aug 26, 2003
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