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NEC heightens security with innovative solutions at IFSEC India 2010.

New Delhi, Delhi, Nov. 24 -- NEC Corporation, a leading network, communications and IT company in Japan, is showcasing its range of public security solutions at IFSEC India 2010 from 23 to 25 November, 2010 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (Booth B17) in Mumbai. The IFSEC India 2010 is the unrivalled commercial and homeland security and fire protection exhibition demonstrating the latest products, services and new technology.

NEC offers a comprehensive suite of integrated security solutions including multi-biometric identification, access gates, video surveillance and behavior pattern analysis. Having been in development for more than three decades, NEC's fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as the world's fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification1.

Some of the solutions displayed at the IFSEC India 2010 include:

1. Law Enforcement Solution - An advanced solution focusing on automated fingerprint identification system catering to law enforcement agencies for criminal identification and tracking

2. NeoFace? Biometric Face Recognition System - This biometric facial recognition solution demonstrates NEC's cutting-edge technologies in automatically detecting and capturing facial images without any human intervention

3. NEC Rugged Laptop (ShieldPRO FC-N22A) - an advanced, robust notebook designed and engineered as a tough but lightweight, and packs a range of advanced features to improve reliability, security, impact resistance, battery life, communications and functionality, to provide professionals with uncompromising performance in the harshest environments

4. Multi-Modal Rugged Mobile Computer by MaxID - a multimodal, rugged mobile computer that offers a complete set of features for virtually any identity management challenge

5. World's 1st 3EM-CCD (Electron Multiplying-Charge Coupled Device) High Sensitivity Camera - the world's first 3-Chip EM-CCD1 (Electron Multiplying charge-coupled device) colour camera for night and coastal area surveillance, and at critical high security installations like nuclear power plants, gas exploration set ups, defense production establishments etc.

6. Japan Visit Program Terminal - a demonstration of the Border Control (Immigration) System in Japan, which encompasses Passport scan Fingerprint/face capture, Personal verification by 1:1 matching between facial data stored in IC passport and captured photo, Black list screening by 1:N fingerprint matching between fingerprint data stored in black list database and live captured fingerprint data.

IFSEC India is a platform that brings together the leading Indian and international homeland security solution providers with the key decision makers and influencers from the Indian Government and private industry looking to source the latest homeland security innovations and technology. Mr Sunny Ho, Sales Director at NEC Asia Pacific, will be speaking on "NEC High Sensitivity Camera - Power of Seeing in Darkness" at the IFSEC, FIREX & HOMELAND SECURITY INDIA 2010: Technical Seminar, on 23 November 2010, at Hall 1, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

On this occasion, Mr Koji Oda, Managing Director, NEC India said, "The public safety market in India has tremendous potential. In the years to come, integrated security solutions will play an important role in refining security and strengthening law enforcement. NEC recognizes this growing demand and offers a wide range of security and surveillance solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing security systems. The exhibition gives the consumers an opportunity to experience our cutting-edge solutions and the various benefits they offer."

Mr Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director, Regional Competency Centre for Public Safety at NEC Asia Pacific reaffirms, "NEC is a leading player in the field of public safety solutions, which has some of the world's most accurate biometrics identification systems. As part of our global vision plan to grow our capabilities and technologies worldwide, NEC remains committed to developing and bringing in our best-of-breed and proven integrated security solutions to this part of the world, playing our part to improving the public safety in this region and around the world."

According to Acuity Market Intelligence2, the global market for biometrics core technology is currently valued at US$2.58billon, and this is expected to swell to US$11billion by 2017. Global events such as terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in the U.S. on Sept 11, have catalyzed governments around the world to review their national needs to improve and raise the standards for civilian identification. Asia, home to more than two billion people, has become an increasingly important market for public safety solutions providers. The Asia Pacific region is expected to generate the greatest percent of revenues for the biometrics industry, with more than 32% of global revenues by 2017, and market dominance for such solutions and services is anticipated to shift from Europe and the US to Asia. Accuracy & precision of security solutions are crucial requirements of homeland and border control security systems, and NEC's world-class solutions and expertise in this area are best suited to address a country's public safety requirements.

In view of the growing demand for public safety solutions and services globally, NEC has established a regional competency centre for public safety (RCC-PS) in Singapore since April 2010, to leverage on its expertise to develop the public safety businesses in Asia Pacific and support the NEC subsidiaries around the world. In May this year, NEC launched its first "NEC Biometrics Excellence Center" (N-BEC) in Bangalore, India, to provide world class engineering competency to cater to the company's global chain engaged in development, deployment and support of identity solutions for the international market. This center is also aimed at accelerating the expansion of NEC's global multimodal identification solutions3 and integrated security solutions business, including its renowned automated fingerprint identification solutions and face recognition solutions.

Notes to Editor

[1] Notable Results regarding the tests conducted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):

Finger Print:

FpVTE2003 (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation 2003) - 1st Rank

SlapSeg04 (Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation 2004) - 1st Rank

SDK Study (Software Development Kit Study for Fingerprint 2004 - 1st Rank

PFT Study (Proprietary Fingerprint Template Testing) - 1st Rank in 2007

ELFT07 Phase II (Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technology) - 1st Rank in 2009

Face recognition: Ranked No.1 in Still Face Challenge Problem of MBGC (Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge) held by NIST in 2008-2009

2 Source: "The Future of Biometrics 2009: Biometrics Buck the Global Economic Meltdown; Industry Poised for Sustained Growth Reaching Nearly $11 Billion in Annual Revenues by 2017" (

3 Multimodal identification solutions: Identity management solutions that utilize multiple biometrics identification technologies, including fingerprint, face, iris and others.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilize the company's experience and global resources, NEC's advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society. For more information, visit NEC at .

About NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NEC APAC)

Singapore-based NEC Asia Pacific is the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation (HQ: Japan) in the Asia Pacific region (South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania). As a leading infocomm technology provider and systems integrator offering regional sales and services support and consultancy, NEC APAC develops solutions on carrier network, global identity, RFID, enterprise server, unified communications, multimedia display, and contact centre, as well as provides outsourcing and managed services.

To leverage on its technological expertise in the field of public safety, NEC APAC has established a regional competency centre (public safety) to expand its capabilities and expertise to support businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

In line with the NEC Group Vision to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth, NEC also embarks on corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives to support and "make a difference" to the Nature (environment), Education and Community. For more information, please visit

About NEC India Pvt. Ltd.

NEC India Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture between NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (90%; HQ: Singapore) and NEC Corporation (10%; HQ: Japan), was established in New Delhi, India, in August 2006. Leveraging on NEC's unique capabilities in integrating IT and networking technologies for a diverse customer base across governments, businesses, individuals and society worldwide, NEC India provides and develops solutions for Carrier Network, Unified Communications, Retail, Security and Surveillance Systems, IT and Multimedia Products to cater to the rapidly expanding Indian market.

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