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NEC develops SON for heterogeneous LTE networks.

NEC Corporation has developed Self Organizing Network (SON) technologies for its heterogeneous LTE solution. NEC said these latest SON technologies successfully tackled two of the most challenging scenarios in LTE deployment: Highly dynamic traffic hotspots; and multiple user mobility. This maintains a high-quality user experience in various challenging environments while significantly reducing operators' capex and opex.

SON solutions reduce the operation and maintain (O&M) cost of mobile networks by using automated and intelligent procedures to replace human intervention without compromising network performance. However, a major challenge to the design and development of SON technologies is how to achieve high-quality user experience and optimise the network in a heterogeneous network while taking into account varying regional traffic characteristics and user mobility.

NEC's small cell LTE solution enables mobile operators to install new base stations in any traffic hotspot, without the need to modify their existing networks. By applying NEC's SON technologies, NEC's small cell eNBs can independently recognise the distribution and movement of users automatically and tune dynamically various parameters to optimise its coverage and improve the cell-edge performance.

This could help achieve more uniform and stable high-quality user experience at densely populated traffic hotspots.

NEC has developed handover optimisation in its SON technologies to provide high-quality transmission for users with various mobility characteristics. In its design, handover settings from macro to small cell coverage are automatically adjusted in response to varying propagation conditions. For example, macro base stations can dynamically restrain handover to small cell base stations for the fast-moving user.
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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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