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NE fishing vessel catches are sampled.

The Northeast Fisheries Center of the National Marine Fisheries Service's Northeast Region has awarded a contract to the Manomet Bird Observatory of Manomet, Mass., to conduct an experimental program of sea sampling. Under the contract, Manomet Bird Observatory will place biological technicians (sea samplers) aboard U.S. commercial fishing vessels in the Northeast to sample vessel catches and collect detailed information on vessel operations. The contract calls for sea sampling of about 200 commercial fishing trips between 1 January and 30 September 1989, covering six major Northeast fisheries.

Fisheries to be sampled are the small-mesh and shrimp fisheries in the Gulf of Maine, the large-mesh and experimental silver hake (whiting) fisheries on Georges Bank, the Nantucket Shoals trawl fishery, and the winter trawl fishery offshore of the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Chesapeake Bay.

According to Allen E. Peterson, Jr., Science and Research Director of the NMFS Northeast Region, the purpose of the program is to provide fisheries scientists, economists, managers, and administrators with detailed tow-by-tow information for better characterizing fishing operations, fishermen's catches, and fish populations off the Northeast coast." Peterson adds that such information is "essential for improving fisheries management in a manner which both conserves our renewable fisheries resources and addresses the economic interests of commercial fishermen."
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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