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NDP 2018 cheers: 'We Are Singapore'.

THIS year's National Day Parade (NDP) theme and logo, which reads 'We Are Singapore,' represents Singaporeans proudly proclaiming who they are as a people, what they have overcome and what they aspire to be together.

It is a pledge of unity and togetherness among Singapore's diverse cultures and origins. Regardless of backgrounds, they come together to build their Singapore of today. Anchored on the same values that made them successful, they continue to progress together and build their Singapore of tomorrow.

NDP 2018 has taken a fresh perspective on the song 'We Are Singapore', a declaration of unity by Singaporeans, written in 1987. Its chorus incorporates words from a speech from the late Lee Kuan Yew made to school principals in 1966:

'But whatever it is, ultimately the result that we want-and I am sure you must want this: to produce a community that feels together... On certain things, it responds together: This is my country, this is my flag; this is my President; this is my future. I am going to protect it.'

Local indie singer-songwriter Charlie Lim acknowledged the timelessness of this message of unity, community and national pride. The NDP 2018 song retains the familiar chorus of that which has resonated with Singaporeans across generations, while incorporating new elements from the younger generation as it aspires to collectively shape and be responsible for Singapore's future. The result is a harmonious coexistence of old and new, past and present.

In line with this year's theme, this year's funpacks feature the work of artists from 18 Special Education (SPED) schools. Featuring imagery such as Singapore's skyline, the Singapore flag and ordinary Singaporeans, the artworks are expressions of what Singapore means to the 18 young artists and their wishes for Singapore. The showcase of these artists aims to inspire Singaporeans to be proud of our identity and achievements in creating Singapore's future together.

Featuring several highlights

THE NDP 2018 show celebrates everyday Singaporeans-those across different generations who aspire; who persevere despite the odds; and those who, through their determination, achieve the extraordinary and define their way of life that, in turn, inspire others.

The segment-an integrated film and mass-display performance-places emphasis on 'We,' in recognition of their people who share a common identity; a common Singaporean spirit.

Greater audience interaction will also be central to this year's NDP. There will be a 'Placard Challenge' as part of the show, with spectators holding up placards with their different expressions of 'I am...' written on them, stating their proclamation as individuals to the country, and the other side of the placard carrying the message 'We Are Singapore.' The piecing together of individual placards symbolizes the dual identity both as an individual, as well as their collective identity as one Singapore.

Six iconic and beloved Singapore mascots-Captain Green, Nila the Lion, Sharity Elephant, Singa the Courtesy Lion, Teamy the Bee and Water Wally-will also welcome the audience to the Floating Platform during the pre-parade segment.

The Red Lions will execute a wingsuit jump that relies on the use of a specialized jumpsuit that increases a skydiver's surface area to increase lift-for the first time, from a height of 12,500 feet-landing just in front of the stage.

Joining the Red Lions this year are the Combat Divers from the Naval Diving Unit who will jump from a height 6,000 feet into the waters next to the Floating Platform. The 10 Red Lions and eight combat divers will then execute a combined salute to their nation. A water procession of 18 boats and floats will light up and sail around the bay, opening the show to the thousands celebrating around the Marina Bay area.

Featuring participants from different walks of life, NDP will also see the largest military tattoo display at The Float, as well as the return of the Combined Schools Choir after a five-year hiatus. For the first time, the Military Tattoo performance will also involve the School Display band and the National Cadet Corps precision drills.

There will be an exciting aerial flypast and display by the Republic of Singapore Air Force in commemoration of its 50th anniversary.

Immersive, engaging experience

FOR audiences abroad and at home, NDP 2018 aims to provide a more immersive and engaging experience through 360-degree video livestreaming. It will be available through YouTube on all computers and mobile devices. With a virtual-reality headset, one can enable VR mode while watching the livestream for the ultimate viewing experience.

Audiences can immerse themselves in first-person points-of-view during select segments of the parade, such as getting a first-person perspective of the Red Lions as they free fall. Audiences can access the official NDP YouTube page ( on August 9 to view the 360-degree video live, or anytime after to watch the parade again.

Singaporeans, regardless of where they are, are encouraged to join the NDP 2018 conversation by tagging their photographs, well-wishes, reflections, or stories on their personal social media platforms and NDP social platforms such as Facebook ( and Instagram (@ndpeeps), with the following hashtags: #WeAreSingapore, #NDP2018 and #NDP18.
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