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NDIA Bestows Red Ball Express Awards.

The National Defense Industrial Association's Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Division presented its 8th Annual Red Ball Express Award to Clifton Ellis in its government/military category and to Hutchinson Industries, Inc., of Trenton, New Jersey, in its industry category.

Ellis and Hutchinson Industries received the award during a ceremony at NDIA's annual Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference in Austin, Texas, in March.

Recipients of the annual award have made significant contributions to the strengthening of the United States' national security by developing or procuring tactical wheeled vehicles or critical technologies that contribute to the TWV community.

Ellis, chief engineer and product director for light tactical vehicles at the

Army's program executive office for combat support and combat service support, has made significant contributions to both the concept development and the production of light tactical wheeled vehicle programs. He has managed the largest tactical ground vehicle fleet in the

Defense Department, to include approximately 116,000 high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles with multiple configurations and trailers.

Hutchinson Industries, the industry recipient, has significantly contributed to the tactical wheeled vehicles community by providing mobility and survivability. During the height of the Iraq War between 2007 and 2009, Hutchinson produced close to 100,000 wheel assemblies per year, enabling mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle manufacturers to deliver their platforms on time to deployed forces. Hutchinson pioneered runflat technology in the 1980s and then introduced it to the Army and Marine Corps. Initially placed on light armored vehicles and Humvees, runflats now appear on dozens of different tactical wheeled platform variants and hundreds of thousands of U.S. and NATO vehicles.

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