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NCsoft's Lineage II Expansion Eases New Player Access; Introduces Epic Quest, Flying Dragons.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness Gives a Boost to New Players and Adds the Epic Seven Signs Quest and Fire Breathing Wyvern

NCsoft(R) Corporation (KSE:036570.KS), the world's leading developer and publisher of online computer games, has released Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness, the third major expansion to Lineage(R) II: The Chaotic Chronicle, NCsoft's premier player-versus-player (PvP) massively multiplayer online game. This expansion includes features that will help new players gain faster access to the game.

Chronicle 3, which is available free to all current subscribers via automatic download, brings several new elements to Lineage II's land of Aden, with one of the most important being the addition of bonuses for new players. The bonuses will give new players a boost, allowing them to progress through the early levels at a faster pace so they may participate in the more advanced elements of Lineage II. As part of the bonus system, new players will receive additional items and adena, Lineage II's in-game currency, for completing early quests. New players will also receive free beneficial magic from a guide in each village. Additionally, new players will receive full value for items, instead of partial credit, when exchanging them for more powerful items in village stores.

"This is a step that will allow players to more quickly participate in the advanced elements of Lineage II," said Aaron Rigby, Lineage II's North American producer. "Because Lineage II has so much to offer, it makes sense to get players through the early levels quickly so they fully realize the depth of the game and the amount of fun it provides."

Lineage II's highly-praised PvP system has also been improved and augmented in Chronicle 3 with the addition of a new combat points system. This system gives players an extra layer of protection when attacked by another player. Combat points vary by player class, recover over time and act as a buffer that must be depleted before damage will affect a player's hit points. The combat point system will be especially valued by new players who are common ambush targets of veteran players.

Chronicle 3 also adds a new epic adventure, the Seven Signs Quest, which gives players the chance to fight for control of several Seals as a member of two factions. Every two weeks players can join one of these two factions, The Revolutionary Army of Dusk or the Lords of Dawn, and compete for control of a Seal by collecting rare stones and hunting special monsters in the Festival of Darkness. A faction in control of a Seal will gain access to different dungeons containing unique elements, receive an extra edge during castle sieges and the ability to recover rare items.

Adding to the excitement of sieges is the new flying, fire-breathing dragon, the Wyvern. Wyverns are the final evolution of the Striders introduced in the last Lineage II chronicle. Players who are able to ride a Wyvern can cross large distances quickly, raining fire and destruction down on enemies and their strongholds.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, which was named the best role-playing game of 2004 by Scripps Howard News Service and has developed a worldwide following among player-versus-player fans, is available at most major North American computer game outlets in CD format and a Collector's DVD Edition for $19.99. Both game packs include the first month of online play. After the first month, players will be charged a monthly subscription fee of US$14.95. Sixty-day game time cards are also available at many North American retailers for a suggested retail price of US$29.99. The game is rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

To purchase the game or other Lineage II merchandise, go to the NCsoft store at: For more information about Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, go to:

About NCsoft

NCsoft's North American business is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is part of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation. NCsoft, with its own development and publishing offices in Texas and California, also works with subsidiaries and third party developers throughout North America to develop and publish innovative online entertainment software products. The company launched two massively multiplayer titles on the same day last year: Lineage II and City of Heroes(R), and in April of 2005 released its third title, the highly anticipated, Guild Wars(R). NCsoft expects to launch two more massively multiplayer titles in 2005: Auto Assault(TM) and City of Villains(TM). More information about NCsoft can be found at

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Date:May 11, 2005
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