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NCO% warrant officers earn college credit hours and associate degrees. (Warrant-Officer Notes).

The Warrant Officer Training Division in the School of Information Technology at Fort Gordon, Ga., established a pilot program in September 2003 to allow student noncommissioned officers to obtain college credit. The program has since expanded to include warrant officers and become a permanent feature in the WOTD. By end of summer there will be two Warrant Officer Basic Course students who will each actually earn an associate degree through this program.

The program is a dual enrollment in the SIT and the Augusta Technical College. Students in the Signal Regiment's military occupation specialty of 25B, Information Operator/Analyst, must come to the WOTD/SIT to receive their career training for their Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course. Student warrant officers in MOS 251A, Information Systems Technician, attending Warrant Officer Basic or Advanced Courses are also eligible for enrollment. The specific training is the SIT Cisco Academy Training Sessions semesters one through four which correlate with the ATC Cisco Certified Network Administrator Specialist Technical Certificate of Credit. Students earn 24 undergraduate quarter credit hours when they successfully complete their course. The total cost of the dual enrollment is $488. The tuition and fees costs are offset by use of the HOPE grant for eligible students. Georgia residents and active duty military personnel both in a permanent change of station or temporary duty status are eligible for the HOPE grant. If ineligible for any reason, tuition assistance may be obtained through the Veterans Administration. Students are provided a $100 book voucher towards the book cost of $105. In addition, ATC waives the $15 application fee as well.

The dual enrollment in the SIT and ATC is extremely popular among the students attending courses at Fort Gordon. In fact within a year and a half, 370 noncommissioned officers and 78 warrant officers have earned the 24 undergraduate credit hours.

We've recently offered warrant officers the ability to earn an associate degree through ATC. This summer, the SIT will have two Warrant Officer Basic Course students earn enough credit through dual enrollment, from credit awarded from other classes in WOBC, and the ATC General Education program to meet the requirement to earn their Computer Network Technology Associate Degree. This degree was approved by ATC in January 2005.

For more information about ATC-SIT Dual Enrollment e-mail

COL (Ret.) Hammond is a Gilberton, Pa., native who enlisted in the United States Army in 1973 and received her commission as a second lieutenant in 1974. She retired from active duty in 2001. While on active duty, she commanded at the platoon level three times, two times as a company commander, battalion commander, and up to the brigade equivalent level as the systems manager for satellite communications for the Army. She has served as an assignments officer for Army majors, two times as an Army staff officer, brigade logistics officer, speech writer for the director of DISA, and also an ROTC instructor. Her assignments have been worldwide to include various locations in CONUS, Korea and Germany. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Science Degree. Her awards include the Legion of Merit, Bronze and Silver Order of Mercury, multiple MSMs and ARCOMs and a Service Award from the U.S. Coast Guard for her work with them on the Alaskan oil spill. Hammond is currently the deputy director of the SIT at Fort Gordon and has made Augusta her home.

Mr. Lee is an American born in Seoul, Korea. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1995 and served as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne Division, the 2nd Infantry Division, and the U.S. Army Computer Science School (now the School of Information Technology or SIT) at Fort Gordon, Ga. Upon assignment to the SIT, he reclassified into the MOS 25B, Information Systems Operator/Analyst. Most notably, his extensive information technology background and experience allowed him to complete all MOS 25B Course requirements in one day. He was subsequently assigned as an instructor in the SIT and served there until the end of his enlistment. Lee then served as a networking instructor for the Augusta Technical College. He continued his affiliation with the U.S. Army in his work at ATC by always looking for ways to better serve and support the education efforts of our Soldiers. He personally spearheaded the dual enrollment program between the SIT and ATC making it a success for the U.S. Army Signal Center and School. Lee was recently hired into the U.S. Army Civilian Corps and currently serves as the course manger for Signal warrant officers in the SIT.


21D--2nd Infantry Division ACE--Analysis and Control Element ACERT--Army Computer Emergency Response Team AFSC-Army Field Support Command ANCOC-Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course ANOSC--Army Network Operations and Security Center ASC--Army Signal Command ASOC--Air Support Operations Center ASCP--Army Small Computer Program ATC -Augusta Technical College C4--command, control, communications, and computers C41-command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence CAISI--Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface CCU/SPO--Command Center Upgrades/Special Projects Office CECOM SMC-CommunicationsElectronics Command Systems Management Center C-ELMC-Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command CFC--Combined Forces Command CIDS--Command Information Display System CCNA--Cisco Certified Network Administrator COHORT--cohesion and operational readiness training COMSEC-Communications Security COP--common operational picture COTS--commercial-off-the-shelf CSP--Communications Support Processors CSS VSAT--Combat Service Support Very Small Aperture Terminal CTT--Common Task Testing CSS SATCOM--Combat Service Support Satellite Communications DMZ--Demilitarized Zone DOIM--depot Information Management Directorate DTOC--Division Tactical Operations Center FRA--Forward Repair Activity EAOC--EUSA Operations Center EUSA--Eighth United States Army GIG--Global Information Grid HHC-Headquarters and Headquarters Command IC DMS-Community Defense Message System ITH--Improved Tactical Headsets ITSB--Integrated Theater Signal Battalion IMINT--Imagery Intelligence JNN--Joint Node Network LAN--local area network KICC-Kuwait Iraq C4 Commercialization MMCS--Multi-Media Communications Systems MOS-Military Occupation Specialty NCO--non-commissioned officer NETCOM--Network Enterprise Technology Command NIPRNET--Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network OPTEMPO--operations tempo PCS--permanent change of station PEO EIS--Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems PLEX--Plans and Exercise PEO C3T--Program Executive Office, Command, Control, and Communications Tactical PM DCATS--Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems PM CHS--Program Manager Common Hardware Systems PM DWTS--Product Manager, Defense Wide Transmission Systems PM KICC--Product Manager, Kuwait Iraq C4 Commercialization RCERT-Regional Computer Emergency Response Team RFID- Radio Frequency Identification SATCOM-satellite communications SAW--Squad Automatic Weapon SIPRNET-Secret Internet Protocol Router Network SIRIS--Secure Inter-domain Routing and Information System SIT--School of Information Technology TDY--temporary duty TOPO--Topographic TSC--Theater Support Command TSIO-P--Theater Systems Integration Office-Pacific USFK--U.S. Forces Korea USSOCOM--U.S. Special Operations Command VoIP--Voice over Internet Protocol VTC--video teleconference WMI--Warfighter Machine Interface WOAC--Warrant Officer Advanced Course WOBC--Warrant Officer Basic Course WOTD--Warrant Officer Training Division
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Date:Sep 22, 2005
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