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NCLB directs teachings time.

The No Child Left Behind law is changing how elementary school teachers spend their time. According to a survey by The Center on Education Policy, school districts have increased time spent on English and math and decreased time in all other subjects, including social studies, since the law was enacted in 2002.
Changes in Instructional Time (From 2001-200?)

 Percentage of Percentage of
 All Districts All Districts
 That Increased That Decreased
Subject or Period Time Time

English language arts 58%
Mathematics 45%
Social studies 36%
Science 28%
Art and Music 16%
Recess 20%
Physical education 9%
Lunch 5%

 Average Average
 Increase Decrease
 (Minutes per (Minutes per
Subject or Period Week) Week)

English language arts 141
Mathematics 89
Social studies 76
Science 75
Art and Music 57
Recess 50
Physical education 40
Lunch *

* Sample size was too small to report minutes per week.

Source: Center on Education Policy, District Survey, February 2007.
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