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NCLB & IDEA support handheld learning: electronic learning tools fulfill the NCLB requirements for federal funding. Here's how you can tap into some sources.

NCLB Title I, Part A

In order improve academic achievement of the disadvantged, effective data management is required. Using Treo smartphones by palmOne, educators have the ability to converge handheld computer technology with cellular capabilities. When combined with student information and management solutions, Treo smartphones enable educators to access data and communicate anytime, anywhere. In addition, teachers may link specific learning standards and benchmarks to assessments; track student attendance, demographics and achievement; generate required reports; and customize data according to individual needs.

NCLB Title I, Part B

Handhelds and software solutions help educators observe and record reading and math development. Teachers can provide remediation based on analysis of student performance. Students can read and create electronic books, practice the alphabet, and develop spelling and vocabulary skills. In addition, students develop phonemic awareness, fluency and comprehension skills using handheld technology, and incorporate higher-order learning and thinking skills using organizers that reinforce learning strategies.

NCLB Title II, Part A

The teacher and principal training and recruiting fund allows schools to acquire hardware, software and peripherals to accomplish professional development goals. Using handhelds, teachers can access on-line training, review handheld applications for classroom consideration, and create data lists with spreadsheets and view, sort, filter, share and edit those lists. In addition, administrators can develop and complete performance appraisals on handhelds.


Educators may take advantage of handheld features that meet the need of English language learners such as voice recording, text to speech and vocabulary prompts for language instruction for limited English proficient and immigrant students. Students can use handheld technology to access ESL, bilingual and English language reading programs to enhance learning and meet state standards.

NCLB Title IV, Part B

Federally approved 21st century learning centers may use handheld technology to provide technology education programs after school or during summer vacation. Here students can use the technology for academic enrichment, including tutorials for remediation or to participate in art, music and recreational programs that encourage students to create, edit and perform with the aid of handhelds.

NCLB Title V

In order to promote informed parental choice and innovative programs, handhelds may be used to accommodate all learning abilities, from special needs to accelerated learners and to support learning activities aligned with state standards that focus on higher order thinking skills. Additionally, handhelds provide an excellent tool for communicating with parents.

* palmOne has much more information at on how your peers have used handhelds and smartphones to support NCLB and IDEA.

* NCLB & IDEA Solution Alignment Resource

palmOne's new NCLB Solution Alignment Matrix is a comprehensive grid of solutions aligned against the NCLB entitlements and includes content-rich documents that explore where and how palmOne handheld computers and smartpones support the goals of NCLB. These resources are valuable assets for educators as they apply for Federal funding to purchase handhelds and handheld solutions. Go to to view how dozens of suppliers support NCLB and IDEA entitlements.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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