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NCGA Enters Licensing Agreement With Pioneer Hi-Bred.

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) announced last week plans to license technology developed by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., that NCGA hopes will lead to a standardized system for measuring fermentation characteristics and ethanol yield potential of corn.

According to NCGA, Pioneer's high total fermentable (HTF) near infrared (NIR) rapid assay system quantifies the ethanol yield potential of corn grain during the dry-grind process. NCGA said it plans to conduct research with the system to devise a single grain assay standard for corn growers and the ethanol industry.

"One standardized platform would be a key step toward making the process more consistent for farmers, while at the same time optimizing the efficiency of ethanol plants," said NCGA president Leon Corzine. "NCGA is in a position to help ensure growers, ethanol producers and seed companies are all on the same page when it comes to quantifying the ethanol yield potential of corn."

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Title Annotation:National Corn Growers Association, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
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Date:Nov 10, 2004
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