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NCES releases enrollment study.

Almost four out of 10 Title IV students attended two-year schools, according to the latest annual federal report on enrollment. Of 18 million such students, 37.6 percent went to community college, says "Enrollment in Postsecondary Education, Fall 2004; Graduation Rates, 1998 and 2001 Cohorts; and Financial Statistics, Fiscal Year 2004," released by the National Center for Education Statistics. And just one-third of those students graduate from the two-year schools they attended.

NCIS estimates that about 2.8 million students attended two-year colleges full time, while about 3.9 million did part time.

About 60 percent of first-time full-time community college students got financial aid (374,000 students), but the number includes 86 percent of those at for-profits (173,000).

Students paid for most of their education directly, if they attended for-profits: these schools received 85.4 percent of their revenues from tuition and fees, whereas private non-profits got just 46 percent of their money from students directly. And public two-year colleges got just 16 percent.

Schools spent only about one-third of their budgets directly on instruction, the report said. The percentage varied among public two-year colleges (either 34 percent or 39 percent) depending on what accounting method they used (Government Accounting Standards Board vs. Financial Accounting Standards Board). Non-profits spent 36 percent on instruction, while for-profits spent 30 percent.

Most public two-year colleges used GASB standards and reported a combined fiscal 2004 budget of about $40.8 billion. The few using FASB standards spent another $31.1 million.

Non-profits reported taking in $886.8 million (including returns on investment), with about $141.7 million coming from government grants and contracts and $58.9 million in private gifts, grants and contracts.

The for-profit budget totaled $3.5 billion, with only $274.8 million coming from government sources.
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Title Annotation:CAPITOL briefs
Publication:Community College Week
Date:Mar 27, 2006
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