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NCCI Decides Not To Appeal Va. Decision On ARP Base Rates; SCC Explained Motivation.

RICHMOND, Va. -- The National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI) announced that it will not pursue an appeal of the Nov. 23, 1993 decision by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) that established advisory base rates and assigned risk rates for workers' compensation insurance in the Commonwealth.

The base rates and assigned risk rates became effective Jan. 1, 1994. Following the November decision, NCCI filed a Notice of Appeal that required the SCC to issue a written opinion detailing its reasoning on components of the original order.

"We appreciate the Commission explaining the basis of its decision and providing guidance for future filings," said Marie Kinietz, director of government, consumer, and industry affairs for NCCI in Virginia.

"Procedurally, filing the Notice of Appeal is the only way to ensure that we obtain the Commission's analysis in setting the advisory base rates and assigned risk market rates," Kinietz noted. "It is important to NCCI and our members in that it enables us to more fully understand the rationale behind the decision.

"The next step was to decide whether to fully pursue an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court," Kinietz added. "Now we believe it makes the most sense to address issues of disagreement in the next filings."

While disappointed with the level of the advisory base rates and assigned risk rates as ordered by the Commission, NCCI has evaluated the many issues and opted to forego additional Supreme Court review this time, she said.

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