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NCC student Christian John Orsos directs and performs in original show "Dancin'".

Byline: Natalia Dagenhart

"Talent and effort, combined with our various backgrounds and life experiences, have always been the lifeblood of our singular American genius," said Michelle Obama. Her words are greatly supported by everyday achievements of people who for many years have been coming to this country to make it flourish and shine. One of them, North Central College student, Christian John Orsos, demonstrated his talent, perseverance and passion by presenting his original dance show called "Dancin'" that took place on May 17 in Madden Theatre at North Central College in Naperville.

"I have been creating this show for many years since my last year of school in Peru; it has undergone many revisions and adaptations," said native Peruvian dancer and choreographer Christian John Orsos, who is a student at North Central College. "The show is inspired by Bob Fosse's original musical "Dancin,'" however I have given it a complete twist including more modern dance and music styles, as well as a more intimate approach."

An advocate and strong supporter of the arts, Orsos considers all kinds of art to be essential for individual growth regardless of the career one pursues. Although he is a sophomore majoring in Finance with a Theatre minor, dance has been always the main passion of his life. Orsos studied dance technique with the renowned Peruvian dance master Morella Petrozzi. In 2015, he performed in Sterba's Dancesport Christmas Show. The same year Christian performed in Teatro Municipal del Callao in his hometown. He was last seen on stage as Dream Curly and lead dancer in the 2016 North Central College Summer Production of "Oklahoma" directed by Brian Lynch.

Orsos, who is only 20, had a difficult, yet exciting goal u to produce, direct, choreograph and actually perform in a dance show that in a relatively short period of time demonstrates different moments in the history of dance. Originally, he wanted to include in it dances that are more commonly seen and performed in Latin America. However, when he came to the United States, he had to adapt the show to the abilities and skills of the dancers in the cast and to the audience.

He originally presented this show for the Theatre Student Directed Series, but was declined. He also presented it as a Richter Grant in order to have budget for the show, but was also declined. Following a suggestion from Faculty Advisor Genna Walden, Orsos presented this show as part of a Theatre Independent Study. This would also mean there would be no budget at all. It took him a lot of time and effort to make the show fit all the requirements, and finally it was performed! In less than half an hour Orsos managed to showcase different styles of dancing. Neoclassical and jazz, modern, contemporary and breakdance, solos, duets and trios u this dance show had it all.

Certainly, this project required the help and participation of many people, and Christian is very grateful to each and every one of them. Professor John Warrick supported his idea and gave him practical advice on how to re-scale this show so that it fit the requirements. Walden advised Christian in the performance elements of the show, and senior Josey Carpenter was the assistant director. Christian is also grateful to Jonathan Rippe and Brian Lynch for their support. The cast for the show included Christian John Orsos, Norah Flaherty, Sam Lee, Natalie Bernier, Elena Mitchell, and Japanese native Yukiko Ito, all of them North Central College students.

The help of Lighting Designer Sam Lee and Technical Advisor Will Coeur was very important and provided the show with necessary and appreciated technical and lighting support in a record time of less than a week. Faculty Advisor Genna Walden put all her heart into this project, believed in Christian and helped him realize his dream. As a result, this show impressed the audience with its energy, creativity, enthusiasm and mastership. The house, of almost eighty people, was filled by some of his friends, peers, family members of the cast as well as members of the Naperville community.

"There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power," said famous French writer Honore de Balzac. Christian John Orsos, a young talent, possesses both great will power and a great talent, and it is only a matter of time until his name is famous internationally.

Natalia Dagenhart
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